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Jun 18, 2008 05:29 PM

Roadtrip from Columbia, MO to Lafayette, IN

In a few weeks, we'll be taking a road trip from Columbia, MO to Lafayette, IN. We'd like to hit some quirky diners or just plain good roadside stops along the way. We're wiling to venture off-highway for a good bite. Any ideas?

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  1. http://www.triplexxxfamilyrestaurant....

    It's at the end of your trip, but it's a great place to eat.

      1. re: wekick

        Well, some parts of 57. (I'm obviously not the navigator on this trip.) We'll be happy to alter some routes for a real treasure.

        1. re: jedrice

          If you take 57 and go through Effingham, try the Fire Fly Grill. I posted it on another thread recently. It is really worth the stop. They try to source their food locally and have a wood fired oven. They did have Sat. lunch but I don't see it on the website.
          Springfield,Il has some good restaurants too. Cozy Dog has really good corn dogs and was one of the rt 66 restaurants. Maybe you can go one way and come back another.

      2. A few months ago I drove from Kansas City to Lafayette, and I stopped in Springfield for a horseshoe sandwich. It was ok, and I enjoyed the break.

        The greater Lafayette area is mostly chains, and honestly, most of the local spots are terrible. Its no wonder that all the franchises are so successful. Anyways, there is an awesome taco place in the back of La Fiesta Produce Market on US 52. I usually get asada on rocket-hot tortillas with onions and cilantro, and I add some salsa roja. I'm sort of new to the place, so I can't give you much more advice.

        On the south side of town, there is Chicago Red Hots, which is serving up wet Italian beef, dogs, and polish better than most hot dog huts in Chicago. As a NW Indiana naive, its comfort food at its best.

        Sorry, Iconodule, I know you are new to chowhound, but I'll have to completely disagree with you on triple xxx. Their burgers are cooked way beyond well and totally dried out. The fries are from a bag, almost always stale, and usually haven't been salted. The biscuits and gravy are ok, but they are about $5 and I can make a lot better at home. I'd much rather make biscuits and gravy with my GF than pack into that dump with a bunch of hungover undergrads. If you sit on the west side of the building, you can see into the kitchen, and then its obvious that the cooks have no idea what they are doing. From my experiences eating there, Triple XXX is totally nostalgia-based hype. Watch it on "diners, drive-ins, and dives" and skip the visit.

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          What/where is a horseshoe? We'll be on the road with a 13-month old, so a stop in Springfield might fit the bill.

          1. re: jedrice

            Basically a horse or ponyshoe isa regional specialty sandwich consisting of your choice of meat covered with crispy fries and then topped with a homemade cheese sauce. Not for the faint of heart. Fav meats include hamburgers, turkey, ham, breaded pork tenderloin (my fav) and even buffalo chicken breasts. The horse is typically twice the size of the pony. The well known place for the 'shoes is Darcy's Pint in Springfield:
            A pic: http://cache.virtualtourist.com/1/195...

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              I had mine at a sports bar downtown that was packed with a friday happy hour crowd. I can't remember the name, but the place wouldn't suit you anyways. Darcy's had a two hour wait at the time, and the other places on chowhound were closed or out of business. BTW, the sandwich is quite filling - my gf and I split one and were stuffed.

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              Danimal, have you been to El Chicano's on Underwood? Amazing enchiladas and probably the best mexican food in Lafayette that I've tried. There's a La Fiesta on 350 south as well, but I thought it was just a market. I've yet to try their tacos.

              1. re: Danimal

                Thanks for the kinds words about our place Chicago Red Hots! My wife and I try hard to make sure we everyone gets great food at a great price. Some new things we had added recently are Brats cooked in a different beer every week, JalapeƱo Cheddar sausage.

                1. re: chicagoredhots

                  I'm another Chicago Redhots Fan. The Chicago Dogs and Wet Italian Beef are awesome - and they have the absolute best fries ever (you know the crispy, crinkly kind they serve in brown paper bags?). My only complaint is their hours....

              2. Don't care for Darcy's.. But try Charlie Parker's on North Street just around the back of Darcy's...they were featured on Dives, Drive Inn's this past spring...and made a hit...it is in a Quonset Hut...and the food is good...no Great!!!Home cooking and the Horseshoe is a big hit here in Springfield, Illinois...and while here take in the Presidential Museum...even with a 13 mo. old...EWW