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Jun 18, 2008 05:28 PM

Isabella's in Ossining

Anyone been? Looking for somewhere close to home to celebrate my bf's birthday with some friends....

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  1. Haven't heard of it... where's it located?

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    1. re: Nancy C

      Right across from the post office. They printed a menu (and some coupons) in the Hudson River Community "Buzz" magazine.. it says they have brick oven pizza. Maybe I'll try a slice before committing to a whole meal there... :)

      1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

        I had the personal pizza and it was very good. The crust was nice and crispy.

    2. Well, we're going to be adventurous and check it out this weekend, and I will report back. It would be nice to have an A'Mangiare type place in Ossining... Guida's/Mauro's is kind of formal...

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        We went tonight after going to the movies in Hawthorne (so we were kind of full on popcorn). Had a decent Caesar salad and a VERY good individual pizza (which was PLENTY for two people). Service staff very nice, they said pasta, gnocchi, fried zucchini etc. are all homemade, not shipped in from frozen land. They have a party room, which we didn't get to look at but it can handle 20-80 people for a gathering. Decor pleasant and clean, and we look forward to going back. I generally make pasta at home, but am hoping to try some other goodies from their menu (if I can stay away from that pizza - nearly as good as that crazy place across from the Hawthorne movie theater - Sabatinos? and much nicer atmosphere). Let us know what you try when you visit, and spread the news - there were about 5 tables with guests at 8:30pm - let's keep this place in biz!

        1. re: Nancy C

          I'm sooooooo glad you posted this, Nancy C!!!! We are bringing a large group and I was nervous because we've never been. Now that I have a vote of confidence from a fellow CH I'm excited!

          If anyone wants to check out the menu, this PDF has it on pp 4-5.

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            Absolutely let us know how your dinner for a large group goes. I imagine they'll be eager to please! Let us know about your experience, and most importantly, what you eat! Have fun, too!

      2. Isabella's is amazing! I go there often just for pizza, but recently went there for dinner in the restaurant. The portions are huge and the food is fantastic. Its worth every penny. My entire party was impressed with them.

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          1. Update:
            Well, I'm happy to report back that my friends and I had a very nice dinner at Isabella's! It's not a "destination" restaurant, but it is a really nice place to have in the neighborhood. The interior is very nicely decorated, everything new, and they were pretty busy last night at dinnertime, even spilling over into the second of their two dining rooms.

            Make sure you ask for the pizza menu because they didn't give it to us at first. We ordered a bunch of different things and everything was good, some things VERY good! All meat and pasta entrees include a house salad (a la carte $5).

            The only glitch of the night was the service, specifically the 20 minute gap between the arrival of the individual pizzas and the rest of the entrees. This wasn't a big deal, though, because everyone else had had salads to tide us over, and I'm sure they can sort this out as time goes on.

            Breakdown of some entrees I tried (note: portions are ENORMOUS!):
            --fettuccine alfredo-- good... more creamy than cheesy, needed a generous sprinkling of pepper, but enjoyable.
            --chicken valdestano-- cutlet in a sherry wine sauce with prosciutto, mozzarella, and mushrooms-- verrrry good! The sauce was delicious.
            --eggplant parm-- pounded thin, a tad oily. This was a very good version, though I am not a huge eggplant person so I like it covered in tons of cheese and sauce.
            --seafood vodka w/linguine-- with lump crab meat and maybe calamari and scallops? This was a very heavy dish but I liked the vodka with the crab.
            --gnocchi vodka-- I'm not a fan of gnocchi, but the sauce was good, and our friend enjoyed it.
            --individual pizzas-- I did not try them, but they looked excellent and our friends enjoyed them. You can order them with whatever toppings you want and they are big-- I don't think I could polish off one on my own.

            We skipped dessert, but giggled at the "raspberry moose" on the menu. Overall, we had a very nice dinner, and I would recommend this for a casual family Italian spot if you're in the neighborhood. Considering the sizes of the portions (there will be leftovers!!), and what Nancy C. mentioned about pastas being homemade, etc., the prices are extremely fair. Nice addition to Ossining!

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              Thanks for the report--we'll definitely try it. Do they have a liquor (wine) license?

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                Let me start this post with "I really wanted to like this place". I wanted a decent nearby place for good pizza where my wife could get a tasty entree.

                My wife and I went last night for a late dinner. We got there around 9:15. We thought we would need to do take out as the dining room side looked very dark. But we were able to be seated. There was one other couple in the dining room when we were seated.

                I knew that I was going to have to have a thin crust individual pizza. I also opted for a house salad to start with. They definitely need to work on their selections for dressing. No ranch, no French, no creamy Italian. I opted for the Caeser. Not bad, but would have preferred ranch. I ordered the Margharita with bacon. The pizza itself was very good, BUT there was hardly any bacon on it. The crust had a nice and crunchy edge and the fresh basil was yummy.

                My wife ordered the Chicken Marsala. I had forgotten that it came with a house salad, so she was very disappointed with the house dressing (a basalmic vinagrette), but then she really doesn't like anything too sour. But it was weird that they didn't ask her for her choice in dressing. In fact, the waitress wasn't even sure she could substitute the dressing. She ended up sending it back as there was no dressing option that she liked. The marsala sauce was a bit salty. I think that it was reduced too much. Also the piece of chicken was pounded very thin, so it really wasn't all that much meat.

                As previously noted by others the service wasn't that great. And we were the only diners that were there as the other couple had left. We also both had iced tea that was more like flavored water. :-(

                Again... I really wanted to like this place, but it just didn't do it for us as a restaurant. For pizza, we would probably try it again. But we usually do delivery for pizza and they don't seem to deliver.