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Jun 18, 2008 05:02 PM

Essex Lunch Suggestions

Any places for a nice lunch post Essex train ride? Where are the best lobster rolls?

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  1. no lobster rolls in Essex proper - fo rthat you will have to hop in the car and head to Old Saybrook or other shore spots........

    what kind of food do you like?
    cheap or price no object?

    ( Live in sx so think I can point you in a few good spots based on what you want to eat and spend)

    1. If youre looking for more of a picnic lunch you cant beat Benny's sandwiches. The shop is diagnally across from the train station next to Essex Hardware. His rib roast sanwiches are excellent. You can also pick up fruits, cheeses, chips and beer while youre there.

      1. Olive Oyls in Essex Village is a good spot to P/U gourmet takeout.. You can eat in the waterfront park across the street..

        1. Yes, Bennies grocery/deli is nearby and has great lunch fixings and made-on-the-spot sandwiches. Another option is to go down to the older part of Essex next to the river and try the Griswold Inn or the Black Seal restaurant. The Griz has had its ups and downs in the food department but the ambience is worth a try. Olive Oyls is also across the street from the Griz, plus an ice cream store for dessert. There is also a tavern across from the Playhouse in Ivoryton (west Essex) that has decent burgers.

          Oh yes, for lobster, rolled or otherwise, you'll have to go to The Fish Tale or Westbrook Lobster 4 miles down Rt. 153 in Westbrook.

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            How is the Village restaurant? I alway's here their commercial on WTKK: