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Jun 18, 2008 04:53 PM

Best "normal" pizza delivery

I need to order pizza for a kids birthday party. So just need the basics but would like it to be good. Must deliver in North York. Opinions?

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  1. I have an Italian friend who has so given up on pizza here, she just goes with PizzaPizza. In North York you're probably in the delivery district for Mezza Note, They keep sending me delivery flyers (which look quite yummy). I think they have a website.

    1. I just ordered an extra large from Pizzaville and it was GIGANTIC... but it came in around $20... I think it's the best "chain" pizza and it's in North York

      1. My vote goes for Pizza Nova as the best "basic" chain.

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        1. re: TorontoJo

          For a kids b-day party I would also vote for Pizza Nova. It has the proper cheesy greasy pepperoni ratio just right!

        2. You can also try Abruzzo's or Dante's. My vote would go with Abruzzo's given the choice. Dante's is fine but can be quite pricey.

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          1. re: lyndak

            Hahaha Abruzzo's was the pizza place of choice for grade school pizza parties!!!

            1. re: MindGrinder

              What ever happened to 3 for 1 pizza... I never ate there... probably because they were called "3 for 1 pizza"... but as kid I remember that the most important factors were 1. amount of cheese 2. number of toppings (fewer the better)

              1. re: MindGrinder

                I'm not sure I get your point mindgrinder? Are you suggesting that Abruzzo's is too high end for kids? maybe you can clarify... am I missing something?

                1. re: lyndak

                  I don't think he/she meant it's too high's what schools serve everyone on pizza days (where parents pay a lump sum at the beginning of the year so that their child can have a pizza lunch once a month)

                  I remember the pizza well..and it's not good!! Really, really greasy, but really thick bland crust with flavourless sauce. I'd rather have Pizza Nova.

                  1. re: pinkprimp

                    I enjoyed it back then (but what did I know). Don't think I would hit it up again even for nostalgia reasons now.
                    I would stick with Pizza Nova for the best of then chain places.

                    1. re: pinkprimp

                      So agree! My daughters go to a school that's only about 5 minutes away from Abruzzo, which made it the choice for the "pizza lunch". It is now a standing family joke that whenever my wife says "Where should we go for dinner?", I'll chime in "Abruzzo Pizza!" to which the girls respond with a long and sustained "Eeewwwww!".

                      And Dante's - I love their salads and Italian sandwiches (especially the veal and meatballs), and the veal or chicken parmagiana, but most of the pasta dishes are bland (and the pasta is overcooked), and the pizza is nowhere near the same quality as the sandwiches. We've ordered from Dante's every other month for at least five years, and after our first two tries of their pizza, it's been never again.

              2. i hate to admit it but my lazy ways have left me pretty darn satisfied with pizza pizza.

                if you order online you get a full view of everything you can order and all the potential free toppings too. i've gotten 2 medium pizzas with 3 toppings for $20. i usually go the extra mile and grab a 4th topping so i can get my lightly cooked (for finishing in my own oven), thin crust, topped with free olive oil, garlic sauce and chili flakes with the not so free feta, zucchini, ham and pesto! definitely satisfying enough.