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Jun 18, 2008 04:11 PM

Uses for canned sweet potatoes or beets?

When my mother-in-law passed away she left us with several cases of canned sweet potatoes and beets. I use the beets in quick borscht and salads, the sweet potato is more of a puzzle for me. No sweet potato casarole with miniture marshmellows recipes, please.

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  1. She must have been quite a woman to leave cases of beets and sweet potatoes.

    I was going to recommend borscht, but I see you are already doing that-- Russian Cabbage Borscht, though? Similiar to regular borscht, but add vinegar and honey at the end (start with a tablespoon of each, will probably want more, but adjust to taste) for a kind of sweet and sour borscht-- I make it very thick with shredded cabbage, beets, onions and carrots (my recipe also has some potato), and I could eat it by the gallon. And I discovered once when my husband accidentally bought pickled beets that they worked, too, couldn't tell the difference in the end.

    Sweet potatoes are harder. Pie? Pumpkin bread with sweet potato instead of pumpkin?

    I will tell you that last Thanksgiving I had two cans of pumpkin, of unknown age, on the shelf, and rather than run out and buy new, I used them to make pie. They had absolutely no taste at all. So use up those cans, don't assume they will last forever...

    You could always donate them to a food pantry, if you can't use them fast enough.

    1. Are the sweet potatoes packed in water or syrup?

      If they are packed in water, you can pretty much substitute them for any recipes that calls for sweet potatoes. This is a great site for recipes.

      Some interesting recipes from that link ...

      - Crawfish Sweet Potato Chowder with Roasted Chilies
      - Sweet Potato Bistro Bruschetta
      - Yam Dip
      - Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Caramelized Onion Burritos
      - Sweet Potato Biscuit and Tenderloin Sandwich
      - Chicken and Sweet Potato Pastry
      - Ham and Sweet Potato Pot Pie with Pecan Crust
      - Sweet Potato Cheesecake
      - Sweet Potato Crepes with Warm Honey-Praline Sauce and Brown Sugar'n Spice Whipped Cream
      - Sweet Potato Ice Cream (they cheat and mix yams with vanilla ice cream)
      - Sweet Potato Souffle
      - Sweet Potato Flan
      - Yam Cupcakes

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        Thanks, for the sweet potato site; sweet potato tacos coming up. As a displaced New Mexican resident w/ a daughter in Austin, I 'm a taco junkie! Mix in a little chorizo, mmmmmm.

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          I had just found the sweet potato site before opening this thread, I can't wait to try the sweet potato praline coffee cake. Very good resource for things different. It's not only little marshmallow goooey stuff at all. ! :-)

        2. large innertube slingshot: shoot cans at bears.

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            Maybe I can make a new form of Yankee chile from yams, beets and jala peenos!

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              I don't know whether to laugh (which I did, heartily) or throw-up (since I'm not eating, I won't)!
              Good thing I wasn't eating; I would at least have spit out my food all over the keyboard!

          2. I give up on the sweet potatoes but you can pickle canned beets. Pour out half the liquid and replace it with vinegar, add some sugar and pickling spice mix, bring to a boil, pour over beets, and refrigerate in a jar for a few days before using.

            1. You can toss the sweet potatoes into a curry. You can rinse them off if they're too syrupy.

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                We like massaman curry which uses sweet potatos. Follow the recipe on the can of massaman curry but add the sweet potatoes last or they'll cook too much.