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Cambria / Morro Bay Dining? [moved from S.F. board]

Will be in Paso Robles this weekend and want to drive over to Cambria for lunch on Saturday. Looking for any food that is fresh and local...any great seafood shacks?

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  1. Not for lunch but the Sea Chest on Moonstone Beach is a blast. Good old school sea shanty fun. Devils on Horseback, Clams Casino, etc. Line up early for the best seats with a gorgeous view of the pacific. The line starts at like 5pm for 530(I think) open doors.


    Sea Chest Oyster Bar and Seafood Restaurant
    6216 Moonstone Beach Dr, Cambria, CA 93428

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      We just went Father's day weekend and was really disappointed with sea chest. Most people have suggested Robin's, and Sow's Ear, Black Cat. We will try one of those next time. We ate at the old stone...on the west side of Cambria and it was okay. The plus was our dog could be with us on the patio while we dined. Linn's has hearst ranch grass fed on their menu.

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        I had a fine time at Sea Chest because there's nothing like it in the SF area. Sort of like an Old Clam House with good food. Some of the other restaurants in town had menus more like what we can get at home.


        For some reason the corect Place entry won't show up in the search:


    2. You MUST go to Taco Temple in Morro Bay - outstanding burritos and desserts.

      2680 Main St
      Morro Bay, CA 93442
      (805) 772-4965

      1. Once again, I will recommend Sea Chest (if you happen to be there for dinner) and please keep in mind that it gets LOTS of recs on these boards. I read peppatty's review of it after her visit but she gave almost every restaurant she ate at mediocre reviews (and you ordered the local halibut when I had recommended the ALASKAN halibut) , so it sounds like you're a little hard to please. I have some stunning photos of our last meal at Sea Chest and will try to find a way to post them for you all. They clearly show the talent that the kitchen has there.

        For lunch, I really like the Tri Tip sandwiches at the restaurant with the outside grills as you enter Cambria (sorry I don't recollect the name). The meat has a wonderful flavor but it isn't anything fancy.

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          Actually, my husband ordered the halibut, and the server didn't ask which one--which I think she should have, so we think it was the local. He did not like it at all, couldn't even finish it. He felt it tasted off. He did really like his omelette at Linn's, but their scones are awful. My corned beef hash was good, but not stellar. I am hard to please I suppose.
          Ah, I do remember the old clam house on Bayshore, S.F....

        2. In Morro Bay, the Bayside Cafe at the State Park Marina is casual but satisfying. Small, no reservations, open Mon-Wed fro lunch, Thurs-Sun for L&D.

          The Galley Restaurant, a venerable Embarcadero institution (also in Morro Bay), closed for several years but has completely remodeled and reinvented itself. Great bay views. Dinner $12-25.

          1. Glad to hear The Galley is done with their remodel. I hope they were able to retain their cooking staff because the food was good and consistent. Nothing particularly blew me away but I could always count on a good meal.

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            1. Thanks for all your great recs!! Since it is going to be SO VERY hot in Paso Robles I am definitely looking forward to going to the coast on Sat and I appreciate all your speedy posts to help me along! My husband couldn't remember the name of the Sea Chest as he was there many years ago, but we'll give it a shot again.
              Have a great weekend!

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                Sea Chest is great. Also check out Robin's, Old Stone Station and Wild Ginger. The outdoor grill mentioned in the other post is the Main Street Bar & Grill. For other outdoor dining, think about the Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill--great ocean view dining

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                  Hi all,
                  Tried Sea Chest from recs from the board ant it was great, cioppino was awesome, albeit huge. The only bad part was woke up with stomach ache middle of the night and next morning was not too great...:(. I suspect the clam chowder, which smelled a little fishy..but who knows!

              2. Yes, Main Street Bar and Grill...duh, how could I forget that name? LOL! And I'd forgotten about Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill. WE had a very pleasant and tasty meal there, although it's gotten some bad reviews about service here on the boards. We had great service and they were very busy that day, too.

                1. toodie jane, thanks for the link with the update on The Galley. The article says that the original chef is coming back, which is incredible if they have been closed for 3 years! I have always had a great meal there and will be back up there in August with family. I'll report back on my meal after I give them another visit. (I will miss the charm of the old place - just for sentimental reasons...)