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Jun 18, 2008 03:18 PM

Is there such a thing as "Healthy" Cup o Noodles??

I have to admit I like a good cup of noodles from time to time especially during the work week for lunch........... But I just know all that salt, MSG and whatever else in there is slowly killing me , right?
Is there such a thing as a healthy cup of noddles out there?
I've gone to the markets in little tokyo even Famima's but 1/2 of the stuff I can't understand b/c it's in a different language or there's no writing at all.

And going to one of the noodle houses like Mr. Ramen or others is great and all but takes to long

Anything? Anybody?

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  1. This will get moved to General Topics, but yes, there is now a product called Smart Choice ramen that comes in chicken or beef flavor, available right next to the other ramen at the supermarket. My daughter says it's not bad but she adds a bit of salt since it's also lower sodium. At least it's not fried. Don't be fooled by the products at Japanese markets, the noodles are usually fried in beef tallow or some such, and definitely not healthy. Also, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods carry several varieties of non-fried sort-of instant noodles.

    1. Check out Chinese grocery stores. There are packages of instant noodles that are marked as "Not fried" and "No MSG" (in English). I can't recall any particular brands off the top of my head, but I know they exist because I've purchased them in the past. They tend to be the kind of noodles you find in wonton noodle soup.

      Or, you can get packages of udon noodles, available in the refrigerator case of Chinese or Japanese markets & sometimes in just-add hot water bowls too. Those are healthier as well b/c the noodles are not fried.

      1. I've been happy with a couple of Dr. McDougall's Right Foods cup o' noodles-type products: the Pad Thai and the ramen. They're pretty high in sodium (the nutritional information given is for half a cup, and who eats half a cup?), but otherwise seem to be decent products. Not cheap compared to cup of noodles, but not expensive for lunch at about $2 (I find them at Walgreens and in the heath foods section of my super market).

        1. Whether or not there is one would depend entirely upon your definition of "healthy". By my personal definition, no there is not, but your definition may vary.

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            Healthy cop o noodles = no MSG, non fried noodles and low sodium

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              Have you looked at the rice noodle based ones? The noodles are not fried. And I haven't had instant noodles in a long time. But when I did, I never added all of the soup packet because it was too salty. It will still probably have MSG, though.

          2. I bought the spring onion and mushroom rice noodle bowls from Traders yesterday...about 130 calories, 20-from fat...did not check the sodium content though...