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Jun 18, 2008 03:08 PM

Villa Mexico already feeling the squeeze?

Well, a few days now with lines out the door @ Annas and I noticed a new sign outside at the gas station. Perhaps its always been there and I just never notced, but it was a small ground standing sign mentioning the place w/ 2 extra notes hung on it - one saying that yes they were indeed in the store and the other noting that they were voted best burrito in boston.

Even though I've gone to Annas 2x now w/o having gone to Villa Mexico once in that period, I really hope that VM doesn't suffer. I suspect they won't, as they *never* had the sort of crowd that Annas is pulling in and I'm guessing that a lot of these people never went to VM in the first place. We shall see though.

I did find it amusing today though when the line was out the door but people were getting through the line and receiving their food faster than one would at VM if you were the only person there. That's the assembly line vs. made w/ love effect I suppose.

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  1. Nah, the standie has always been there -- I assume you're talking about the yellow plastic double-sided sign. That goes out in the morning and comes in at night (unless it gets very windy). I, too, have hit Anna's a couple times since they opened and it doesn't even compare - VM is way better. I go-to move is to just call ahead, either from home, or just call from the T station when I'm heading home.

    Sadly, I'm moving to Davis soon - another Anna's will be right around the corner, but I'll be missing VM. =(

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      just came from Villa Mexico for the first time and it was definitely the best burrito I have had in Boston. I had a carnitas and it was fantastic. Service was kind and grateful and while it was a $1.50 more than what I get at Ana's next door, this is on a different level and easily worth the extra money. Not sure why people stand in line at Ana's (it was the out the door when I walked by) when this place is a few doors down. I have also been overcharged at Ana's on a few occasions and I am beginning to think that this is not an accident as I got smirks and attitude when I brought it to the attention of the woman running the register.

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        If you're moving to Davis, you might want to try Maria Bonita on Mass Ave in North Cambridge. I haven't tried VM, but I really dislike Anna's, so I'm always looking for local alternatives. The people who own Maria Bonita are exceptionally nice, and the food is good, if not spectacular.

        1. re: phoebek

          Awesome - just rode by it last weekend on my bike & was wondering if it was worth a visit. I'll likely hit it this weekend or even tonight - website says they're open until 9.

          I'm missing VM for sure tho =)

      2. I absolutely love Villa Burrito and can't stand Anna's. The quality doesn't even compare. I hope they are able to stay in business.

        One thing that Villa Burrito has going against it is how long it takes. From the time you order till the time you get your food, it's usually 15 minutes. People usually aren't patient, nor do they think in advance and call ahead. People don't seem to have a problem sacrificing quality with speed!

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        1. re: SaraASR

          Does anyhound have VM's phone number handy? I'd love to put it in my cell. Great suggestion.

            1. re: powella

              617-957-0725, I always call in advance and my office does too for Burrito Fridays