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Jun 18, 2008 03:07 PM

Palm Springs Restaurant Week recs?

Has anyone done a restaurant week dinner this week? Good? Bad?
I was thinking of trying the Purple Palm or Le Vallauris, because it seems like the best bang for my buck. Thoughts?

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  1. Do both! They are both great for very different reasons and definitely the best bang for your buck. The ambience at each is wonderful.

    1. Le Vallauris is one of my all time favorite restaurants in Palm Springs..gorgeous setting and the food and wine list are to die for!

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        I was actually just at Le Vallauris earlier this week, I wrote about it on my blog - We liked some dishes, but others not so much. That being said - the restaurant week menu did look good - it's more bistro style - but I think the duck is on there, and it was fabulous. They also had steak frites - and profiteroles for dessert. Despite our mixed experience I'd recommend it. They definitely seemed to want people to make reservations specifically for the restaurant week menu, so you should probably mention that when you call.

      2. Check out Zin Bistro, some of the best food in town.