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Jun 18, 2008 02:54 PM

No Signboard

I love this place ... in fact I love most of seafood place with similar settings in SE Asia. I have only been to the Geylang location, not Vivo City or East Coast. Questions: do they charge much higher price in these fancier locations and if so, is that justified food-wise? If it's the ambiance then forget it, Geylang has much better ambiance to me. :-)

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  1. Do you know how late No Signboard serves until? Also, assuming we don't go late, but instead go around 8 p.m., would the wait be very long? And, is there air conditioning at the restaurant? Thanks.

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    1. re: comiendosiempre

      If you're referring to the Geylang branch, there's no air-con there. It's packed most evenings but stays open till 1am.

      The Esplanade branch, which I prefer, is air-conditioned and more pleasant, but priced slightly higher (to cover higher rentals & power bills, I guess). Conversely, it's not as crowded. Closes at 11pm.

      No Signboard's website has more details:

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        So the higher price is to justify the rent, not the food? Then I know what to do.

    2. Great, thank you.
      Now, while I imagine it might engender some debate, is No Signboard the best spot for chili crab? I've also heard of Eng Seng and and perhaps one or two other spots? We will be staying near Orchard Road but I don't think location makes much of a difference. We probably want someplace with air conditioning if we want to sit and really enjoy the food. Thanks again.

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        Eng Seng's famous for its black pepper crab. It's not air-conditioned & terribly popular/crowded.

        Personally, I find No Signboard's chilli crab too spicy. I preferred to more traditional (sweeter) versions at Hua Zhu (Farrer Road), Red House or Long Beach,