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Jun 18, 2008 02:46 PM

Just moved to Portland

We moved to Portland from Florida 3 weeks ago, and so far, we're in love with Piazza Italia, Le Happy, Vegetarian House (chinese). Swagat (in NW) was good, better than anything we found in FL for sure but everything was a little salty. I like Laughing Planet's veggie chili, and their chips are nice and fresh, but it's all a little crunchy granola hippie....vegetarian food doesn't necessarily have to have TVP :-P The Old Pharmacy Cafe has good bagels (I'm a native New Yorker) but no salt ones and no scallion cream cheese. Mother's Bistro's brunch was great, and I have to respect a place that Fed Exes H&H bagels, but again, no salt bagels (so we passed and got challah french toast and the special whipped cream cheese and salmon scramble, yum).

So, PDXers, we'd like this coming month to be one great meal after another. Tell me the top 5 restaurants that would be a shonda to miss. In particular, I'd love to know where to find:
- Some really great Indian food (that's not too heavily salted like Swagat)
- A NY-style (boiled) salt bagel with scallion cream cheese
- Exciting raw cuisine (as in, raw vegan)
- The best tomato soup in town
- Best Thai food in town
- A restaurant that's open late and has an interesting, varied menu (near us in FL, there was a place with gorgonzola tortelloni, a spring roll & herb plate, and watermelon gazpacho...)
- Some good pizza!!! (we went to Escape from New York Pizza on 23rd and I didn't like it....too much gummy cheese. Felt like I was chewing mozzarella-flavored BubbleYum. I miss Grimaldi's in Brooklyn. And Ray's everywhere in Manhattan.)
- Best Japanese
- Any other not-to-be-missed foodgasm-inducing places

I'm a partial pescetarian (I sounded so less pretentious before I started eating some fish again - basically I'm vegetarian but will eat raw tuna or cooked salmon), like spicy food, love cheese. The fiance has similar tastes but isn't vegetarian - kielbasa and kobe beef are on his tops (he doesn't eat meat often but when he does it's got to be good...). We both hate shellfish. Like surprising/unusual combinations of foods (the ones that work) and also classic dishes done exceptionally well (duh...well, you try explaining your taste in food!) Basically we are open to most things as long as there are some vegetarian options on the menu.

Enlighten us and thanks in advance!

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  1. PokPok for Thai

    Toro Bravo for tapas

    Biwa for Japanese izakaya style food

    Are the ones I think of off the top of my head.

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    1. re: quovadis

      i had checked out toro bravo's menu online and didn't see many vegetarian options....have they changed their menu and just not updated online?

    2. ALSO - where can we find some welsh rabbit? I tried poking around online but there's a band called welsh rabbit screwing with my google-fu.

      near NW 23rd or downtown would be great...

      1. Indian - Vindalho in SE
        Vegan - Nutshell
        Pizza by the slice - Hot Lips
        Other favorites: Lovely Hula Hands

        Most of these places are on the eastside...

        1. Pizza - Apizza Scholls on SE Hawthorne, no I no longer feel I need to go to Bklyn for good pizza

          Japanese - Izakaya food: Tanuki, biwa; sushi: Murata, Hiroshi, Masu East

          Thai - Pok Pok, Dang's (in Lake O.)

          deli/bagels - Kenny and Zuke's (not sure about salt, but they might make you a dozen or two special if you ask)

          Indian - Tandoor

          Raw Vegan - nutshell, Blossoming Lotus

          great Cuban (and a great dessert case) - Pambiche

          tomato soup - Blue Plate (downtown, lunch only), No Fish Go Fish

          1. Monday nights at Ken's Artisan in NW is Pizza night, Yum!
            No matter what people say, I still love Bombay Cricket Club on Hawthorne for Indian. Plainfield Mayur is great but a little pricey for Indian food.
            Definitely try Blossoming Lotus for Vegetarian. Breakfast at Paradox on Belmont also good veg food and funky place. Nicholas on Grand and Fat Kitty on Division for great falafel.
            I agree with the Pok Pok votes.