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Jun 18, 2008 02:39 PM

18th, on budget for lunches/dinner

I'm coming to Paris for 4 days next Friday, second time but first really didn't count (wedding and whirlwind). This time spending 4 days in Paris at hotel on Rue Ordener in 19th. With wife, another couple and a 16year old. Saw lots of recommended places in Paris, but want to stay a bit close first day. A bit concerned about area at night. La Mere Catherine was noted (onion soup) as was Le Poulbot near Sacre Coeurand Bon Coin Bistro. Would love recommendations for lunch and dinner in the area, but on a bit of a tight budget.

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  1. We just got back.. stayed on Rue Houdon... there were quite a few places that were very good on Abesses(sp?)just stay away from the top and Sacre Couer.. very touristy.. so lovely there! You will love it! Away from the inner city.. very safe..looking..I saw Le Poulbot very cute.. we ate Indian food one night.. and just drinks.. but I think in walking on Abesses you will find things.. . on rue Houdon(14) there was a cafe right below us that was always busy with local people..Le Moulin Galette also looked nice.. and is in Pudlo and Michelin,, not sure how expensive ..I think it will be very fun. Lots of choices.. Area is just great....

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      Thanks very much. Just reading the other posts, you just about can't go wrong if you go where to locals gather. There are also supposed to be a couple of great markets nearby for picnic foods. and thanks again for the read on the overall area.

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        yes we did that..ate in one night.. There is also one spot on Abesses that people line up for this rotisserie chicken in a tin foil small pan. just a small spot.... It was chicken and potatoes..very tasty.. Great Italian market and Charcuterie across the street.

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          Thanks again. We'll definitely give that a try. Really nice to have a few places to begin. I'll post again after our return. Going to Loire Valley after to visit niece's in-laws. that will be a real treat, definitely "local" food!
          And thanks once more for the response.

    2. Actually rue Ordener is in the North Slope of the 18th, in one of my favorite areas, away from tour buses, souvenir/popstcard shops, but there is a real market area in the triangle made by Ordener, Poteau and Duhesmes. Try to go for lunch one week day at Le Café Qui Parle at the corner of Caulaincourt and of the best quality/ price rapports anywhere. You may be interested in reading a post I did of the area on OurParis forums, with photos:

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        Mistype on the 19th to 18th. Went to your other post and it was just superb, both descriptions and photos! Our friends selected Hotel Eden for the wedding stay and we liked it and the area enough to return. We will probably take that walk the first day we are there!

      2. Oh I live just off rue Ordener!

        I can recommend Au Bon Coin, 49 rue des Cloys which is just near where you'll be staying. Also the best pizzas ever, if ever want a lunch to go, can be found at Zorglubino's at 139 rue Ordener. It doesn't look much, but they are all freshly made and quite incredible.

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          We are arriving next Friday morning and look forward to a great lunch to start the trip! Especially after a red-eye flight. I heard about Au Bon Coin somewhere else, good review and have it tagged in my GPS already! I do have one other question: Seafood in the 18th. Love oysters, mussels, etc. any recommendations for that menu type in teh 18th. Wouldn't mind at all standing at a bar to eat those.

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            I'm afraid I don't know anywhere that does seafood as a speciality. I'd avoid the Nord-Sud bistro on the corner (you'll see it, right near your hotel) as the quality of the food there is not great.
            In terms of the area at night, you must avoid going north-east, but there's no reason why you would do anyway. You are not far, either, from the immigrant area of La Goutte d'Or which I find endlessly fascinating but it is a bit rough. The area the hotel is actually in and the Lamarck area immediately south of it are really nice and charming, relatively down-to-earth and generally untouristy (totally different story once you reach the Butte, of course).
            There are lots of great places to eat in the 9th, which is only a 5 minute metro ride away, and the hotel you'll be in is a stone's through from the métro station you'll need to get there, so you can easily expand your search a little if that short journey doesn't bother you.

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              I'll heed your advise regarding wandering around at night, but, as you said, do not expect to have any reason to be there. We'll definitely be using the metro, doing a number of museums, and was talked into to a Segway tour for a start. Bit of a splurge, but should be fun. Thanks very much for taking the time to respond with such great insights!

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                There is a good seafood restaurant, "Le Winch" near you on rue Damremont with reasonable prices and an attractive bar area as you enter.

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                  Did a bit of searching and it looks like a really nice place (and very reasonable!). I will definately give this a try! I have been so impressed with the people on this site and have shown this to many friends who are travelers, but never knew of this resource!
                  Many thanks to Laidback, chochotte, butterbut! Maybe we will even cross paths sometime!