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Jun 18, 2008 02:08 PM

(PHX) Tapino Locavore 2 Dinner - 6/19

Is anyone going? I have reservations and I'm so excited. Just thought it would be neat to meet up with some other CH's if you are going to attend.

Also, did any of you attend the first one held in February? Just wondering what your thoughts/comments were.


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  1. My +1 and I will be going. This will be our first time.

    There's an ongoing thread/discussion about the event on the Phx Hound Google group right now. Looks like at least 6 or 7 Phx hounds and friends-of-hounds will be attending. :-)

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      Thanks for redirecting me to the Phx Hound group - I always forget about that! Hopefully we'll get a chance to meet.

    2. We went in February (link below) and enjoyed it so much, we made sure we had reservations for the second one when we heard about it.

      We're going with another couple (non-CHs, but they own and run the local wine website in my bio), and hopefully will be there early enough for the meet and greet!

      February Tapino Locavore Dinner

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        Nice review - I wanted to go to that one so bad but couldn't make the date so I was so excited to see they were doing it again. I was initially waitlisted but they called the next day with room so it was meant to be I guess. What a bargain and a great way to support local farms. Hope to meet you there!

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          Great! So glad you got a reservation; I heard they're completely sold out with at least 50 people still on a wait list.

      2. For those going, you can get a $25 gift cert for $10:

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          1. We had a great time, and it was so nice meeting you scorpioscuba, and hohokam!

            The meet and greet beforehand was a lot of fun, and we were able to spend some time talking to Sam Pillsbury (of Pillsbury wines) and Steve Gresser (of Eat Fresh AZ), and later during/after dinner Jay Murphy from XO Ranch, and Julie Murphree of the Arizona Farm Bureau Federation. We also were able to learn a lot from a local farmer, Tim and his wife, who were seated at our table. It was not only a great meal, but so informative talking to everyone, and being able to hear from the chef and other purveyors during the meal.

            Scorpioscuba has some great pics on her blog, but I thought I'd just post the menu. This was $40 per person, with wine - and that included refills from our waiter who remembered us from the first locavore dinner ; )

            Dinner started with an amuse bouche of fresh flavorful gazpacho - three types layered in a glass - tomato, Crenshaw melon, and cucumber. Great starter.

            FIRST COURSE:
            Arizona Desert Sweet Shrimp Lumpia with Arizona Citrus Ponzu (lumpia is a Filipino spring roll and this was served over a cucumber salad )
            Pillsbury, Rose 2006

            SECOND COURSE
            Desert Roots & Duncan Farms vegetable terrine with Sunizona yellow tomato coulis (a variety of fresh roasted vegetables including sweet carrots and squash, garnished with a squash blossom)
            Arizona Stronghold , Tazi 2007

            THIRD COURSE
            Konrath Farm roasted “whole pork” duo (one of my favorites - a duo of perfectly cooked pork, including tender braised shoulder)
            Pillsbury, Roan Red 2006

            FOURTH COURSE
            O X Ranch grass-fed Angus beef with Desert Roots vegetable sauté (everyone was served different cuts - for E, sirloin, and for me a short rib)
            Pillsbury, Diva 2006

            DESSERT COURSE
            Fossil Creek goat cheese and Green Valley pecan fudge tartlette (I loved this)
            Arizona Stronghold, Malvasia 2006

            After dinner, a bunch of us had a drink at the bar, and it was mentioned more than once how the passion and enthusiasm of all involved really contributed to such a nice time. Looking forward to Locavore #3, which is already planned for August.