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Jun 18, 2008 01:35 PM

Crazy cheap dinner

Meeting up with a friend for dinner tomorrow night-we like to try to see how cheap we can be when we meet up for dinner and our usual spots are Kenka on Saint Marks and Gnocco Cucina on E. 10th. I'd like to branch out a bit tomorrow and try a new spot. I was thinking Great New York Noodletown (extra awesome because it's BYOB) but I'm looking for a few more possibilities because my friend is MSG sensitive. I'd like to stay below 23rd, and I am in love with the idea of BYOB right now. We'd like to spend no more than $20 each. Please, someone show me more options that Kenka and Gnocco.

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  1. i went to Tartine in the W. Village a few weeks back.... We split a main and a few apps and spent 20$ pp. Bonus cuz its byob

    1. Pardo's on 7th Avenue South does some really cheap Peruvian chicken. Even with a cocktail you should be within budget. Though there's probably no restaurant that will work if your friend believes in MSG sensitivity.

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        Pardo's is now Panca and no longer serves chicken, Eater says ...

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          That's incredibly disappointing. Pardo's used to do such brisk business for such a reasonable price and now they've decided to reinvent themselves as a full-priced SushiSamba with half the ambience? If the WV keeps trending towards becoming an I-Banker Disneyland, I guess I'll be eating at Five Guys from now on.

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            Pio Pio still serves awesome, inexpensive chicken from several locations. Ditto the comment about the MSG, though.

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              oooh, actually, panca does serve chicken in the form of arroz con pollo -- and it's quite good. ceviche was made with decent quality fish and well marinated, but it was a bit oversalted. great service, good (if sweet) drinks. based on this highly unscientific sampling of the menu, i'm surprised panca hasn't gotten more press. looks like it's been open for almost a year.

          2. Sigiri Sri Lanka Restaurant is interesting and BYOB

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              Pepe Verde on Hudson St...I don't think it is BYOB, but you can definitely do great pastas with apps/drinks for well under $20 pp.

              1. Moustache is a great Mediterranean place and very reasonable. They have an east village and west village location. However, it is not BYOB.