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Jun 18, 2008 01:07 PM

The Beach House - Old Greenwich

This afternoon my daughter (6 yrs old) and I went over to the Beach House for lunch. Now, we have been there before and never experience the Cluster F* that exists there now. We walk in get in line to be greet by the Host wait a good five minutes before anyone even comes over to greet the party of two who were a head of us in line. Eventually the host comes over (shirt hanging out of his pants on one side) and asks as party of five who just walked in "How many" The party of 5 responded that the people on line (us and the other party were ahead of them in line". The "host" proceeds to find a table to the two top in forn to us, then for the party of five. When I asked him about us his reponse was "sorry" then told us to wait "at the bar" I don't know about you, but the state liquor authorities tend to frown about children "at the bar". After about another 4 minutes, we were led to a table. I would have normally left but my daughter wanted to stay. After about another 5 minute wait a passing aiter took our order - fried calamari as an appetizer, and crab cakes and shrimp skewers (orange and honey mustard sauces) for our main course, iced tea and lemonade. Drinks came out pretty quickly, but our calamari never showed up, nor was our waiter even in sight. When the shrimp and crab cakes arrived (another 15 minutes) I asked about the calamari (new waiter) - they then proceeeded to bring out 2 orders after another. Before we even got to taste the food my daughter says to me "Dad, this place isn't organized - they don't know what they're doing, first they sit the other people first, now they forgot our food". The table next to us was living the same dream (nightmare) - 2 of the 3 orders were wrong.

Now on to the food. The shrimp tasted as if it was cooked frozed shrimp - put on the grill for grill marks - rubbery fused to the skewer. Crab cakes had little breading (good thing), but had no flavor of crab. The calamari was definately cooked in oil past its prime. Add a child size lemonade that cost the same as my pint of Iced Tea and you have a $40 lunch of garbage food and service that makes McDonalds look like fine dining.

To be fair previous experiences were never this bad (Always sat in the bar - maybe this is the key to decent service). Food quality was never great but the quality of the service and food was never this bad ... We won't be going back.

I know there aren't many choices in Old Greenwich, but Mackenzie's and Applausi are much better choices.


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  1. I'm pretty sure that the state doesn't care about a 6 year old at a bar in a restaurant with her parents unless she's being served alcohol. I read an article about this topic not too long ago, which indicated this would not be against the law, but I can't find it now.

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      I agree that just being in the bar is probably not an issue; however, having a seat at the bar just might be or at least isn't the best offer to a child.