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Mike's Bistro Tasting menu

kiddush hopper Jun 18, 2008 12:27 PM

7 courses for $85
add $20 and have 3 wines paired for three of the courses.

this sounds like an amazing meal, and i am really excited to go there. i know that it is up to mike's discretion, but what can i expect?

  1. k
    kiddush hopper Jun 23, 2008 07:11 AM

    ok, here is what we were served

    1. Marinated Beet salad
    in a citrus marinade with candied walnuts, endive and oranges

    2. Corn Chowder
    with smoked veal bacon

    3. Duck Gnochi

    4. crispy veal cutlet
    with a balsamic reduction and a warm salald of arugula and tomatoes

    5. steamed striped black bass
    with japanese vegetables in a soy ginger broth

    6. bbq braised boneless short ribs
    with mashed culiflower potatoes and steamd kale

    7. chocolate fondue for 2
    strawberries, bananas, cake, marshmallows, pretzels, oranges and grapes
    and plate with 2 scoops of ice cream (mangot sorbet, and blueberries and cream)

    all in all the experience was very good. one thing that was annoying was the servers are not loud or clear when they bring out the food. so its hard to tell what you are eating. i.e. the mashed potatoes tasted very weird until we found out that it was potatoes and couliflower. and the steamed spinach tasted terrible (because it was steamed kale)

    i would recommend it highly

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    1. re: kiddush hopper
      JS69 Jun 23, 2008 08:44 AM

      I am glad that you had a nice experience but it upsets me that I went 5 months ago and we had the exact same menu except for the corn chowder.

      1. re: JS69
        kiddush hopper Jun 23, 2008 10:42 AM

        it seems like the beet salad and gnochi are always on there. my parents went 2 months ago and it was completely different except those 2

    2. m
      masteraleph Jun 22, 2008 01:42 PM

      The general set of courses for the tasting menu is (and I'm out of order here, I think, but all the courses are there):

      2 appetizers

      One of those appetizers will often be the gnocchi. Other than that, it really varies- I haven't had it since they switched to 7 course only and prior reservation, but the shortribs, one or another of the veal dishes, the steak, etc are all common meat dishes.

      Note that the portions are all small, but when you're actually eating 7 courses, more than small results in someone who is very, very, overly full.

      1. z
        zsero Jun 19, 2008 06:57 PM

        I did this for my birthday a few years ago. The waiter asked me a few questions about my likes and dislikes, but didn't go into details, or I wouldn't have got a beetroot salad. Which is fine, because to my surprise I liked it, even though I don't generally like beetroot. Everything was good, and one of the wines was so good I asked the waiter what it was, and it was the Gabriele pinot grigio, which is how I discovered the Gabriele line of wines, which are currently my favourites. I'm going to do it again sometime, when I've got more disposable cash than I do right now...

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        1. re: zsero
          kiddush hopper Jun 20, 2008 07:45 AM

          what did he serve you?

          i know that the beetroot salad is on the tasting menu, as well as the duck gnochi. but as far as meat is concerned, what can i expect? was there dessert also?

          1. re: kiddush hopper
            zsero Jun 20, 2008 11:54 AM

            There was a small steak, or rather a piece of steak - tiny if that were all I were eating, but the right size since it wasn't. And yes, one of the courses was dessert. As for the rest, it's been a while, but if you search here you should find the comments I made at the time.

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