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Jun 18, 2008 12:25 PM

My brief visit with a 7 year old

My son and I will spend June 30-July 3 in Manhattan, staying at 9th St. and 5th Ave. I like to eat and, luckily, so does he. He's up for pretty much anything (Indian, delis, Thai, bagels, Latin, Italian, seafood ...) other than a terribly lengthy meal. So we need some advice for:

Breakfast and dinner spots near where we're staying.
A lunch place near the Museum of Natural History
Lunch spot for before seeing The Lion King
Early breakfast place before an 8:00 am ferry to the Statue of Liberty

Also, are the following still any good?: Murray's Bagels on 6th (?), Katz's Deli

We're willing to go out of our way a bit to get good eats. Thanks in advance.

By the way -- we're coming from San Francisco.

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  1. Best bet for nearby dinner: Otto at 5th and 8th st. I love the caponetta and the olive oil gelato is a must have. Pizza is secondary.
    The is also a Pan de Quointine on that corner.
    Lunch near Musuem Madelien Mae or Pinch/Smac on Amstedam and 82-3
    Murray's would be a convenient choice and Katz's definately a go to.
    Search the board there's plenty of recomendations (and opions) on the categories you mentioned.

    1. For bagels (and perhaps an early breakfast) Bagel Bob's on university and 10th is arguably one of the best bagel places in the city. On University and 9th (or 10th can't remember) there's a great pan-asian place called "Spice." Their lunch special is a particularly good deal but it's well-priced, the good is very good (nothing authentic but it doesn't try to be and also makes up for authenticity with a great look). Likewise, another great pan-asian style place nearby is Republic on union square. Long communal tables and tasty bowls of noodles all around 10 bucks or so. Waverly diner on 6th ave and waverly is great to get a burger.

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        I survived on Bagel Bob's 25 cent bagel deal during college, but I'd vote for Murray's over Bagel Bob's. Now that I don't live in the village, I wouldn't travel for Bagel Bob's

        For good eats in the village I'd recommend, DoSirak for Korean. Cute place, good Bibimbap. You have to ask them if you want things to be really spicy. Warning, they're cash only. If you're up for a bit of a walk one of my favorite places in the city for Indian is Banjara on 1st Ave and 6th Street. Love the Butter Chicken, the bay goon ka goon (eggplant curry), and the lamb rogan josh. All of the curries are quite good and their is a spice shop called Dual Specialty Store right down the street in case you are inspired to take some goodies home.

        John's Pizzeria is right near your theater and is good for a pre-show meal.

        If you are up for eating food from a cart or truck. I'd definitely recommend getting dessert at Wafels & Dinges ( or at the Treats Truck ( pre or post theater.

        Have fun!

        30 E 13th St, New York, NY 10003

        John's Pizzeria
        260 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036

      2. my 5 & 3 year-old loves Otto, 8th betw 5th & Univ - open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Easiest at lunch or early dinner as it gets packed. Pizza is very good - better than pastas imho - and the olive oil ice cream is fantastic! ice cream also available in Wash Sq Park from a cart. Pain Quotidien is on 8th & 5th, great for breakfast. also good for lunch or dinner, Patsy's Pizza on University and....10th? Great siciliana salad, pizzas and basic pastas. also, Whole Foods is on 14th betw 5 & bdwy - good for breakfast, quick lunch or just stocking up. Honestly, you can branch out for dinner as you're so close to Union square, flatiron, soho, chinatown, west village - quick walk or cab ride to excellent food -e sp if you're having an early dinner.