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Jun 18, 2008 12:05 PM

Eulogy vs Monks

Took a while, but finally have become a much bigger fan of one over the other. Here are my thoughts and Im curious what others think:

- friendly staff/bartenders
- amazing bottle list (not as strong as Monks)
- outstanding brews on both taps
- above average food, specifically mussel pots
- great atmosphere

- best bottle list seen almost
- outstanding taps that have some rotation, often rarities
- rude/pompous staff (the killer)
- average menu dishes, seafood quite good
- stuffy atmosphere

In all, Eulogy has an amazing set of offerings with a staff that treats you well whereas Monk's acts as if they are doing you a favor in letting you have their business. I am truly convinced that Eulogy is the winner here and dont really have much interest in spending much more time and money at Monks.

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  1. I mostly agree with you but this should be on the Pennsylvania Board.
    PS I also like Good Dog, awesome burgers!!

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    1. re: tom246

      youre right, I didnt realize. How do I move it?

    2. I totally agree. Unfortunately, the owners (Tom & Fergie) have had their concentration elsewhere (Belgian Cafe) so the place has slacked off...a lot!

      1. I agree with your assesment, but i feel both beer lists are equally awesome. I think Eulogy's list has more diversity (not as singularly focused on Belgium), and in general, is a little more current. where as monk's definitely gets some very special and rare beers. both places suffer from insufficient space, and lack of comfortable waiting areas.

        1. I really enjoy both but I've been wondering for a while because I've never been: how do people like Zot? Where does it fit in in the Philly Belgian universe?

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          1. re: Hendi

            IMHO, the atmosphere / comfort level at Zot is far superior to monk's and eulogy, but the beer list is not in the same league, and the food is inconsistent (sometmes very good, often average or worse)