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Jun 18, 2008 11:57 AM

Rialto recs for tomorrow night?

I'm being taken to Rialto tomorrow night for dinner. The only other time I went I was distinctly underwhelmed but maybe I didn't order well. Does anyone have any guidance? It needn't be a specific dish necessarily but are they strong in any particular areas? TIA, will report back.

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  1. The last two times I was there I had their duck dish (always on the menu I understand) and it was tremendous. I recommend it.

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    1. re: RandyL

      Slow roasted Long Island duck with braised escarole, roasted fingerlings and Sicilian olives is how it is described on their men...delish

      1. re: RandyL

        Thank you, this was an excellent rec, absolutely delicious. DCs had scallops (didn't try because of shellfish allergy but said to be very good) and braised stuffed veal breast which was meh. Everyone thought mine was best and it was huge so plenty for sharing. Service was outstanding and I like the new look. Still not a place I would choose on my own but will be much easier to be gracious next time I'm invited! Thanks again.

    2. They still have the soupe de poisson on their "classics" menu, which I always thought was one of the better versions in town.