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Jun 18, 2008 11:49 AM

Old Ebbitt Grill suggestions

My mother wants to go to the OEG sometime soon, mostly because her dad took her there when she was little. I've heard middling reviews about it, but it's what my mom wants and a Washington institution is always worth a try.

So, does anyone have any suggestions about a) what meal and b) what to order? We could do lunch or dinner, and I see they have a brunch menu. Does the menu have any standouts?

Please no "OMG, avoid it entirely" posts. We're going and I want to make the best of it.

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  1. They have a great raw bar- good oysters, huge jumbo shrimp for the shrimp cocktail that still have good taste and texture. Their cheese plate isn't exciting, but it is good and at least has a lot of accompaniments unlike others. I like their simple fresh seafood options (like their lobster or softshells). But they have a good burger. It is good for GP (general purpose) food. It really hits the spot now and again when you want normal food at a good price or can score the happy hour prices.

    1. Oysters, oysters and more oysters. They also tend to not screw up whatever the daily special is, and I've had credible rockfish and catfish in the past.

      1. I like your attitude! I happen to like the OEG for its history and certain DC feel. The food prices are a value, too.
        I highly recommend brunch, or lunch. Specifically, the rueben and hamburgers have never fallen short. My mom loves the clam chowder and the "Walter" (pastrami).
        Enjoy! biggest suggestion is to get seated in the main room and not the atrium. Make a ressy!

        1. I'm thinking my husband and I are of the same generation as your mother. :) Anyway, my husband absolutely loves the grilled pork chops, if they are still served. Years ago, the omelets were wonderful fare!

          1. Definitely sit in either the main dining room or the side bar (the one on the NW corner of the building) rather than the atrium. I'm not a dessert person but every time I am there I see a dessert go by and say "mmmm, that looks good." If you are at the side bar and Joe the bartender is there, chat him up - he's darling.