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Jun 18, 2008 11:37 AM

Suggestions in Flushing or near Shea Stadium

Coming in from California to attend the Yankees vs Mets next week at Shea. I would love to get some suggestions for a place nearby, either a short walk, ~20mins, or a couple of train stations away. Nothing fancy or super expensive. I am especially interested in Italian food since that is hard to find out here. I am not interested in Mexican since that is akin to pizza places in NYC, i.e. all over the place here.

Chow and go Yankees!

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  1. You won't really find anything in walking distance of Shea (aside from Citifield) but I highly reccomend a trip to Sripraphai for sublime thai food. Its a few stops awy on the 7 train and is my regular spot before or after Mets games. Others may be able to help you with italian recs, but if you are interested in Thai, thats the place to go.

    Let's go Mets!

    1. Flushing (Queens' Chinatown) is within walking distance of Shea (about 3/4 mile to the main area). There are plenty of not fancy and cheap options there if you're willing to indulge in mostly mainland Chinese food. Don't bother trying to find Italian around there.

      There are many active threads on this board about chow in Flushing. Just do a search.