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Jun 18, 2008 11:29 AM

3 days in Kansas City in September

I have been reading some of the posts regarding BBQ and it sounds as if LC's is the best to try - we were in Kansas City about three years ago and tried Arthur Bryants. It was ok, but I wasn't that impressed. We also ate at Stroud's - great food and really nice personnel. At this point, we made a reservation at The American Restaurant - is it good or a tourist attraction? I would welcome any recommendations or thoughts - I don't mind driving outside Kansas City to other locations. Thanking you in advance.

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  1. I went to Gates and thought it was great, but...I was hanging out with some locals and was lead to (yes I'm serious) some gas station a little outside the city that sold BBQ and.. wow that was good stuff - probably better than Gates and far less pricey. So, definitely ask some locals. I've also found that the police always know the best food around. Another great place to check out - it's a bit of a drive Lamberts "Home of the throwed rolls" definitely bring an empty stomach if you go there! Google it for more information.

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      I believe you are talking about Oklahoma Joe's (BBQ in a gas station). OK Joe's is in my opinion the finest BBQ in KC (it's in the city, just the Kansas City, Kansas side). I take all of my friends/family/random visitors there and have yet to have had anyone leave disappointed. The pulled pork is amazing and the ribs are quite tasty, as well.

    2. I don't believe The American Restaurant is a tourist attraction but I have not yet been there, having said that. I think it's more formal/traditional. It has garnered some great praise over the years. According to the reviews, I doubt you could go wrong. If you don't mind a drive, Justus Drugstore in Smithville has had some great buzz around it. Also, Bluestem is top notch and maybe more modern-casual than the AI?

      1. Personally I hate Stroud's and reccomend Granny's Chicken Ranch much more strongly. LC's is awesome BBQ. For your fine dining experience maybe you should check out Bluestem

        1. I would suggest Gates BBQ. Although I have never tried it, I too have heard that Oklahoma Joe's is awesome. I would definitely try one of the two. Also, If your in the mood for good Pizza, you have to try Leo's pizza. This pizza is absolutely phenomenal. Leo's is located in Kansas City (North) on Englewood Road. Its a little hole in the wall joint, but it is the best pizza that I have ever had. It gets awesome reviews all the time. You should check it out. Just google the name and you can get directions

          1. Personally I would go with Oklahoma Joe's. Although Gates is really good, their is just something about Joe's that keeps me coming back. Great stuff.