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Jun 18, 2008 11:20 AM

OC Brunch spot for 40

I'm helping a friend plan a post-wedding Sunday Brunch for 40 guests in the Dana Point/Laguna Beach area. Most guests are from out of town, so something with a view, or a good California "vibe" would be great. She's trying to keep the price around $50 per person (food, beverage, tax and gratuity). Private room or area is preferred. Buffet or seated options work. Thanks for your help!

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  1. My friend was married at the Chart House and had her reception there as well. It was nice and has beautiful views. Also, right next door is Cannon's. They do a $40 champagne brunch and again, beautiful views. Not a big AYCE person, but the food was very good there. Finally, Sapphires in Laguna Beach. Maybe you could reserve the entire patio for your party.

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      I will echo Justathing's comments on the Dana Point Chart House. Our daughter was married there last fall and the view is spectacular. Ken did a wonderful job coordinating everything and we were very pleased with the buffet. We had no complaints at all - just compliments, and one of my friends does catering herself, and she raved. We had a very ethnically/religiously mixed group and everyone had plenty to eat that was within their restrictive guidelines. They have their own parking structure which worked out very well. We used their referal for the guitarist and the bakery, and were very happy.

    2. Hotel Laguna is a good option and Savourys at the Hotel Casa Camino in Laguna.

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        It's K'ya now for a couple of years at the Casa del Camino & I don't believe they do brunch. Mozambique does a brunch & they might let you take over the patio. Same with Splashes at the Surf & Sand Hotel.

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          I just ate at Saphire in Laguna, if they have brunch you must go, soo good.