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Jun 18, 2008 11:13 AM

Feasting On Asphalt?

Does anybody know if the FN is doing a third season of Feastin On Asphalt with Alton Brown? I really enjoyed the first two seasons and would like to see a third one. What do you think?

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  1. yeah, there's a third season already filming (or done filming, perhaps). it's actually called "feasting on waves," as it's now a boat-based show that--according to wikipedia--will circle the caribbean. good times!

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    1. re: beelzebozo

      I wonder if they consulted with Henry Winkler before attempting to jump that shark? ;-)

      I thought the glimpse of americana through road food was this series strongpoint.

      1. re: LStaff

        I agree with your assessment of the show. There's no way people are going to relate to a show based on boating the way they relate to road food. It might be interesting, but I'm doubt it can have the same feeling of classic Americana.

        1. re: madgreek

          Unless maybe they get Jimmy Buffett to co-host. Some of Bourdain's best were Caribbean destinations over the years. Calvin Trillin wrote with great love for the fish at Baxters Road in Barbados. I could see this working, especially if they actually get off the boat at these places, as opposed to simply trying to eat on the boat at dockside places - that would be way too limiting.

          Who said it had to be Americana? Maybe they're just expanding their world view a bit at a time. This year the Carribean, maybe next year they'll motorcycle through the Italian Alps - the Piemonte or Lombardia, or the other alps - in New Zealand. How about Japan from Kagoshima to Sapporo, stopping at every other hole-in-the wall or food cart. I'd watch that in a NY minute.

      2. re: beelzebozo

        I seem to recall hearing something about airplane or airport food for the next installment....

      3. I enjoy this show, I am not sure I would like a boating or airplane segment. I hope they keep it as it is just travel different parts of the country.

        1. I think for season 4 he's taking a segway through a food court.


          1. I'm hoping for the best here. The basic fact is I like the feel of the shows. Very well filmed and I love coastal life, so hopefully they deliver another strong series. There's a lot of very interesting culture he can delve into with the islands, visiting rum shops and the like.

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            1. re: Icantread

              there is still so much road to do! up the east coast.... down the Pacific. Across the blue ridge parkway...