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Jun 18, 2008 11:12 AM

What's the last restaurant you ate at?

I had dinner at Dawat. I had a guava martini (fabulous), Baghari Jhinga shrimp app (loved the sauce). For my entree I had the cornish hen with green chilies. I loved the sauce, but it wasn't what I was expecting. I imagined that the whole cornish hen would come intact. However, they gave me about 6 legs, but no breast or anything else. I thought that was a little odd. At any rate, it was enough to fill me up, and it was tasty. The service was friendly, but not that professional. The waiter was trying to sell us more stuff like a used car salesman.

All-in-all I liked it. The flavors in my dishes were not the typical things you get at Indian restaurants. It was on the pricy side. I like it better than Chola, which is down the street.

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  1. I also like Dawat better than Chola as well - never got around to writing a repost on the latter. I've actually been lucky, I guess, at Dawat and always found the service to be professional.

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      1. Lure Fishbar~strawberry/jalapeno margarita and one of the better lobster rolls i've had

        1. had dinner at soto on saturday for the first time.

          had the geoduck salad...tender pieces of clam and very tasty, the steamed yellowtail that was surprisingly light and good, the steamed lobster with uni mousse which was not as good i was expecting, a soft shell fried crab which i liked a lot and some o-toro sushi that was of great quality.

          that said, portions were tiny and very expensive. i think we had 6 cooked dishes and maybe 8 pieces each of sushi...dinner for 2 was $200 with 1 beer to split.

          id be hesitant to run back there but i liked the food.

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            Le Zie - pretty good! Had a bellini - delicious... sauteed baby artichokes for an appetizer and a great halibut special served over a orange and fennel salad.

          2. We were at Peking Duck House - was particularly impressed w/ their dumplings, after my recent Chinatown dumpling crawl. Peking duck was good, but better at Chin Chin/Tse Yang/Shun Lee West.