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Jun 18, 2008 10:56 AM

Best Burger in Wilmington

Looking for a great burger, southern style. Anyone know of any good restaurants other than national chains that have them? Thanks.

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  1. Outside the chains, one of the best around is PT's Grille. They have two locations. Kohls is pretty good as well. They have flat, flying saucer burgers which I happen to like. Salt Works on Oleander has pretty good ones as well, but they're a bit smaller....very southern though.

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      Have not tried PT's yet, but have heard that their burgers are really good. Do not care for Two Guys Grille at all. How about Katy's Great Eats? I hear they have some awesome burgers.

    2. I've heard that Cubbies has some good burgers- true or not? I seem to remember hearing that they were in the top three in Wilmington.

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        1. I agree that PT's is top!

          I have also had a very good burger at Cubbie's in Monkey junction - total hole in the wall, but nice friendly little place run by a family, and so cheap! There are also a few locations.

          The burgers at Two Guys do not stack up, at all. They do win for cheesesteaks though...

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            I like Cubbies when I am down there I like the hole in the wall atmosphere though.

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              I go to the one on Fountain Drive, but there are a few locations, I think. (4544 Fountain Drive) I can't get onto the website right now for some reason... but they list the locations.

              The one on Military Cutoff is nice too (1437 Military Cutoff).


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                pt's is the best and has great fries as well!