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Best Burger in Wilmington

Looking for a great burger, southern style. Anyone know of any good restaurants other than national chains that have them? Thanks.

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  1. Outside the chains, one of the best around is PT's Grille. They have two locations. Kohls is pretty good as well. They have flat, flying saucer burgers which I happen to like. Salt Works on Oleander has pretty good ones as well, but they're a bit smaller....very southern though.

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      Have not tried PT's yet, but have heard that their burgers are really good. Do not care for Two Guys Grille at all. How about Katy's Great Eats? I hear they have some awesome burgers.

    2. I've heard that Cubbies has some good burgers- true or not? I seem to remember hearing that they were in the top three in Wilmington.

      1. I agree that PT's is top!

        I have also had a very good burger at Cubbie's in Monkey junction - total hole in the wall, but nice friendly little place run by a family, and so cheap! There are also a few locations.

        The burgers at Two Guys do not stack up, at all. They do win for cheesesteaks though...

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          I like Cubbies when I am down there I like the hole in the wall atmosphere though.

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            I go to the one on Fountain Drive, but there are a few locations, I think. (4544 Fountain Drive) I can't get onto the website right now for some reason... but they list the locations. www.ptsgrille.com

            The one on Military Cutoff is nice too (1437 Military Cutoff).


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              pt's is the best and has great fries as well!

          2. I'm rather partial to the burgers at Mako's Grille in Scott's Hill, which is on the Pender County/New Hanover County line on route 17. Technically, it's still in Wilmington, but just barely. It's a local joint known for their oysters and fried seafood, which are excellent, and there's no way you'd mistake it for a high-end restaurant. But some of the best burgers I've had since I moved to Wilmington over ten years ago have come from that little place.

            They use an eight-ounce burger made from ground chuck - which is the only kind of ground beef I will eat. Ground chuck comes from a specific cut of meat instead of being just a bunch of scraps which come from god-knows-where. Because of the way ground chuck is produced, there is a much lower chance of contamination from all of the scary little bacteria and stuff we read about in the newspaper.

            Try to talk your server into getting the kitchen to cook it med rare to medium. Add some of their excellent slaw and onion rings -- heaven on a plate.

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              The best burger is at french's burger on Carolina Beach rd. PT's sucks they have the grossest cooks they are always sweating on the burgers don't eat there unless you like eating bodily fluids

              Here's the address so you know where to go
              6142 Carolina Beach Rd
              Wilmington, NC 28412