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Jun 18, 2008 10:42 AM

Prime Grill last night

I will caveat this post by saying that it was a work dinner and I didn't have to pay.

First time I had been there for at least a year and following this board, I was a bit nervous. However, it was great. The food was excellent, the service was fine (some mistakes, but nothing bad) and the vibe was great.

We started with the duck gnocchi, the sweetbread piccata and the merguez sausage. All were great though the gnocchi was pretty special. I am not a big sausage fan as a rule but I enjoyed it. The only problem with the sweetbreads was that it should have been about 25% bigger, imo.

We got a bottle of Teal Lake Cab which was very good. My main course was the big rib eye (but not the prime rib eye), which was perfectly medium rare. My colleagues each got filets, which were also cooked appropriately. We shared the steak fries and broccoli, both perfect. For dessert, we got the hazelnut mousse--never had it before, phenomenal--and the molten chocolate cake--solid as usual.

The bill came to $480 with tip and a couple beers for a colleague who joined early in the meal. Expensive but for NYC not absurd.

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  1. WOW!!! Good thing you didn't have to pay! Sounds absurd to me, NYC or not!

    1. How many people did you have there.

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      1. re: like2nosh

        I may have to retract my reply, I did not catch the ".. my colleagues .." in the OP but to the ".. for a colleague who joined .." so I took it to mean $480 for two. You are correct, the "not absurd" is a function of how many people were at the dinner..

        1. re: MartyB

          What are the rules of etiquette as far as grabbing some duck gnocchi at a business dinner?
          Off a colleague's plate I mean.

          1. re: wrektjet

            1) There were three people eating full meals and a fourth who picked at the plates and had a couple beers (he had to arrive late and leave early).
            2) We shared all three appetizers. They were in the middle of the table and we each took a portion.