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Jun 18, 2008 10:42 AM

Bay Ridge Delivery Staples

We're moving near 3rd Ave and 75th St. and need to narrow down our delivery mainstays for Chinese, pizza, and any other good places that deliver. We know a little bit about what's around, but any other advice on hidden gems would be great. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Many of the restaurants on this board deliver. Peppinos for pizza etc. Just wait a week, you will have tons of menus to chose from.

    1. healthy option--right on your corner and they deliver too--gourmet grill, salads are really good--make your own way.

      1. healthy option--gourmet grill-- right on your corner and they also deliver. great design your own salads

        1. We got a (somewhat needy) new puppy this year so our delivery consumption is waaay up. You've already gotten good advice on Peppinos (for "gourmet"-type pizza) and Gourmet Grill.

          Another pizza - Rocco's (fatter, stuff-your-face-type pie)

          Chinese - Grand Sichuan House

          Vietnamese - Pho Hoi (here's an online menu for the Ave U branch, same as BR)

          Fish & Chips - chip shop

          Burgers, Wings - Kettle Black

          1. taj mahal for decent indian
            not the best, but good for delivery

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              We live near there and frequently get delivery pizza from Vesuvio's on 3rd avenue. Yummy. We also like to get delivery from King Falafel also on 3rd...they have good falafel and I like the string bean and lamb stew too. As mentioned, Grand Sichuan is a little farther, but absolutely delicious. Also: the family store on 3rd and about 71st doesn't deliver, but you can get excellent prepared foods to take home. I love their black bean hummus.

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                Welcome to the nabe. Here are some recommendations

                Pizza -- Peppino's or Nino's (not Gino's, which is mediocre)
                Vietnamese - Pho Hoi
                Middle Eastern - Tanoreen
                Chinese - Grand Sichuan House (incredible!)
                Malaysian - Belachan (theyre on 7th and 61st in sunset park, but will deliver to bay ridge)
                Greek - Agnanti - they won't deliver, but you can call and place an order and then pick it up to go. Excellent place.
                Korean - Kimchee -- they have grills in the table, so good to go in person too. (its 3rd ave and like 93rd or 94th)
                Moroccan - Maison du couscous -- not quite as good as some people say, but still decent.
                Italian Sandwiches - Paneantico

                Hinsche's and Anapoli are both great old style diners with homemade ice cream and both deliver.

                Other food shopping and nontakeout dining:

                Tuscany Grill or Ponte Vecchio for Italian meals. (Chianti and Gino's are mediocre.)

                The Russian grocery, called Paradise, on 3rd and 73rd is excellent, so is the Polish grocery across the street -- both for cold cuts, sausages, smoked fish, etc.

                Family Store is great, so is Aunt Halime's, on 3rd and Ovington and also the Nordic Delicacies store next door to Family Store. Sammia's is like the southern version of the family store, so check that out too.

                A&S Pork Store is excellent, as is Piazza Mercato. The mozzarella and prosciutto cotto are better at the former, and the bread and porchetta are better at the latter.

                Hellas, greek grocery on 3rd and 87th is a great butcher and also great for olive oil, yogurt, olives, anchovies, etc. A&S Greek has those same great staples, but not as good a butcher.

                1. re: ropa vieja

                  I grew up on Hinch's, A&S Pork Store (on Ave U though) I didn't know there was an A& S Greek or Anapoli, I also need a place w. free internet since I don't have my phone hooked up yet (co-op board) and Starbucks is too expensive

                  1. re: MrsT

                    the public library on 73rd and ridge has free wi-fi. odd hours, though.