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Jun 18, 2008 10:41 AM

Redang Island (Bath Beach)

This place received a glowing review from Sietsema. Is it better than the rest of the Malaysian joints there? Should I (finally) get myself over to Brooklyn for good Malaysian? I live really close to Elmhurst and Taste Good.

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  1. I really like the Redang Island on 8th Avenue in Sunset Park--I wonder if Sietsema's ever been there. If it's the same owners, then it's easier to get to (from Queens) than this Bath Beach place. Still, not sure if any NY-Malaysian restaurant is worth a long trip from Elmhurst. Is Taste Good worth a trip from Greenpoint--that's my question...

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    1. re: PAL

      What do you like at Redang Island on 8th. Im assuming the Bath Beach one will be the same ownereship. On my one visit on 8th Ave , I just felt it was another one of the lackluster Brooklyn Malaysians. Ive been burned so many times Ive almost lost hope. What is the dish I am missing??

      1. re: jen kalb

        I love the rojak salads with fresh fruit and fish sauce, beef satay only because their peanut sauce is second only to Mi Jakarta in my (somewhat limited) experience, and the ABC drink for dessert. Sufficed to say, they specialize in sweet things. The same old dishes that you find at Nyonya and Jaya on Baxter in C-town are comparable but no better.

        As for Banana Leaf in Flushing--any relation to the really good Malaysian place of the same name that used to be near the Bay Ridge Ave station of the R train?

    2. Don't know about Redang, but Banana Leaf in Flushing is easier to get to and worth checking out.

      1. I have not been but my friends dine at a Malaysian restaurant on the corner of 7th Ave and (I think) 62nd ST that they think is very good..

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        1. re: Tay

          That's Belachan. I've only had soups and appetizers there, and they were not very good.
          If anyone is interested ... I am really in love in Malaysian food and I'm trying all the Malaysian places in the city. Only a few more to try, including Redang. Anyway, so far the top spots are Sentosa in Flushing and New Malaysia in Manhattan's Chinatown.

          1. re: Puppimus

            Unfortunately, not an Outer Borough location :-{

            1. re: Tay

              and, I felt new malaysia definitely lacking in the last few times I've had. there are some other nice recs out there, but won't really elaborate on this partic. board. pssst, rhymes with highway.

            2. re: Puppimus

              I am interested in hearing your opinions, Puppimus. I've only tried some, and none in Brooklyn. Have you been to the two (or perhaps three, I forget) Malaysian restaurants along 40th Rd in Flushing? I was pretty impressed with one of them, called Malaysia Restaurant. Good, fresh chilli specially prepared for almost every dish, excellent roti canai, and the Hainanese chicken rice wasn't half bad either. Haven't tried Sentosa yet, but will do so soon.

              New Malaysia I wasn't too happy with. The nasi lemak I had there was a travesty.

              1. re: yt28

                I guess I am partial to NM because it is the first Malaysian food I ever had and their prices are quite low. I also love that it's in that little arcade. I still enjoy their soups and apps., especially the ikan bilis (tiny fried anchovies), but as Tay says, it's not in an outer borough. I guess that makes Manhattan the inner borough .. In fact, most of my Malaysian food experiences have been in the inner borough.

                Interestingly -- only because other people write highly of it -- I felt that the Nyonya in Brooklyn was an utterly, crazily bad, bland and unfresh. It was like the McDonald's of Malaysian food. It's the only one I've tried that I would never, ever go back to, and it makes me not want to try the other branches either.

                I haven't tried the other Flushing places you mention, yt28, but I am going to Sentosa for the second time this weekend! I'm very excited. Also going to look on the D.C. board for a Malaysian restaurant down there so I can introduce my parents to the cuisine when I go visit in a few weeks.

                1. re: Puppimus

                  Ah. I used to live in DC and Malaysia Kopitiam is hands down the best one around. Just a few doors down from Penang. But still nothing like what you can get in Elmhurst and Flushing. The scene might have changed since I left DC though...

                  And if the Nyonya in Brooklyn is anything like the one in Chinatown - then I feel you on the McDonaldization...I wouldn't call the Nyonya in Chinatown crazily bad or bland, but I do feel that the ingredients aren't as fresh as before, and they've dumbed down the spices a little. I've been going to Nyonya for over six years now and they've changed a lot.

                  Do report back on Sentosa. I haven't been yet, just because I always get distracted by other stuff in Flushing.

          2. I spent an unpleasant time without eating at Redang Island this past weekend. Dealing with a lady I presume was an owner it took little time for me to know there was a potential problem being waited on by her and a few minutes more to get to the point we walked out. Just not worth it no matter what they served. It is simple - if you can't get your attitude under control don't deal with customers.
            I would like to suggest everyone avoid Redang Island but I know that is unreasonable. Just don't put up with crap there. Walk out the door if you get the 'tude.

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            1. re: dhs

              I actually had a really great experience at Redang Island today. I'm very excited to have found the restaurant because I'd stumbled across it, and decided to give it a shot by virtue of the menu. When the food I had (which was ridiculously cheap: nasi lemak for $4.95??) lived up to my standards (I grew up in Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur), I could have cried. It's been YEARS since I've had decent, authentic Malaysian food from my home town. Not counting the time two years ago when I was actually there, of course.

              I usually go to Nyonya, and it's good, but it's definitely not KL-style. The name suggests that it isn't anyway, something I posted on on another board here:

              I only had the nasi lemak, but am impressed by the dishes listed on the menu, some of which I haven't seen since I was a little girl. I will go back and report on my next visit!

            2. Not up for the drive to Flushing, I ate at Redang Island in Sunset Park (8th Ave.) about a month ago for the first time. I liked it -- not a LOT, but I liked it. Best Malaysian in Sunset Park, IMO ... not that that's saying much :)

              The asam laksa, the dish by which I just all Malaysian restos, was pretty good -- not perfectly balanced due to "off" levels of things like pineapple, onion and mint, and not much fish, but the base was right on. I've had much worse.

              Also had curry asam fish head casserole and a baby oyster omelet, both were great.

              The only true dud was the Javamee soup, something I'd never had but sounded awesome: "egg noodles served in sweet & spicy dried squid gravy with shrimp, shrimp pancake & potatoes." The bits in the soup were tasty, but the broth itself was reminiscent of Campbell's tomato soup, only thinned out and slightly fishy. Not so nice.

              Finished up with a massive coconut pudding (obsessed with this stuff), more than enough for 2 people.

              Service was good. I ordered an orange soda and received an orange juice instead, but the juice turned out to be fresh squeezed and delicious, so I didn't bother to say anything. Not a big deal.

              I would certainly go here again if I had a craving for Malaysian and didn't want to leave the borough. Restorant Malaysia in Flushing is probably my current favorite.

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              1. re: Puppimus

                where is restaurant malaysia in flushing? not sure i know the place

                1. re: bigjeff

                  Here you go:

                  Restorant Malaysia
                  13517 40th Rd, Queens, NY 11354