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Jun 18, 2008 10:27 AM

Fourth of July in SLO

My friend is taking me up to SLO for the 4th. I've really only been there on road trips with my folks and so I never really thoroughly enjoyed the town (my folks are great, road trips with them are not).

What's there to do around SLO, and more importantly what's there to eat? My friend and I are both foodies, but with fairly unpretentious palates. Also, I just graduated from college so I don't can't break the bank food wise, but might be able to do one nice dinner (or brunch) during our 3-day weekend. I'd also love some bar recommendations.


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  1. you might start here:

    Lots of good information.......

    1. SLO for the 4th sounds great- it'll be great weather, and here are tons of fun things to do and see, plus you can eat your heart out for cheap.

      I'd hit Avila Valley Barn, then go to Petes Pierside on the Port San Luis Pier in Avila...great views, excellent food (try the crab enchiladas!). Forget the large place on the end of the pier- unless you have lots of $$ and no taste.
      Chrck out the monsters under the pier- don't try and touch them- but do enjoy their mammoth girth.

      I'd take a drive up Hwy 1 to see the beaches of N SLO Sounty, and hit Taco Temple- it will be jam packed- so try to go after the lunch rush- say 2pm....that gives a few hours to spend at San Simeon State Beach- any of the beaches up that way are great for walking- always bring a wind breaker/jacket, no matter what it is inland- it can get downright chilly on the coast.

      Hit up some wineries- I am not very well versed in SLO wineries- but can say with alot of practise, I have come to be a huge fan of the pink bubbly at Lattecia, which is on the 101 just before Pismo. Avila has a few tasting rooms now too- have only tried the apple juice stands myself.....

      Bars? Go downtown SLO and take your pick.

      Have a great and safe weekend- cab it if you have to!

      1. best ice cream in the county:

        Doc Bernstein's Lab
        Arroyo Grande

        they'll be busy, but it's a fun place with great tradtional ice cream treats. Lots of inventive and summer seasonal fruit flavors. Toy trains too!

        Most of the beach communities have fireworks displays. I'd rec staying north of Pismo Beach; it's often fogged over and the traffic in the 101 Pismo Beach corridor is backed up for miles. Try Cayucos or Morro Bay. I'm telling you this becasue restaurant space is going to be at a premium. You don't want ot be stalled intraffic while your reservation goes by. Make reservations now if you want any fine dining or dining at a popular spot.

        1. Any idea where you guys are staying? If you are going to be here on the third, there is going to be entertainment at Farmer's for an anniversary celebration. The bars are sorta on the dead side in the summer, but downtown faves are Marty's, McCarthy's, Bull's. I was at Mothers a few weeks ago on a Friday and they had a dj that started about 10. I am happy to report (for your benefit anyway), that we were the oldest people there (early 40's) and had to leave. Again, not sure if they will be that crowded during the summer. Lots of yummy cheap stuff to eat. I think the beach might be more exciting on the 4th, with the fireworks and all.

          1. Bar: Frog and Peach ! Music, also, prolly crowded...........

            Frog & Peach Pub
            728 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401