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Jun 18, 2008 10:24 AM

Special birthday dinner - suggestions, please!

First, a heartfelt thank you: based on your recommendations, had a wonderful time at Eleven Madison Park.

Need to take a dear, dear friend out for her birthday. She (and I) prefer someplace that isn’t into very ‘heavy’ foods; seafood is always a plus. We DO like tasting menus, though it isn’t mandatory. She just moved to the UWS, so I thought perhaps to try something there, though the choices seem limited for something ‘fancy-ish.’

Some thoughts based on my perusal of recent comments: Telepan, Picholine, Sushi Gari (though I hear Yasuda, on 42 St. is a better option). 'Course, it doesn't have to be the UWS: but it would be nice to give the new 'hood a shot given that we always seem to go downtown (or east) for culinary adventures.

Looking forward to your great suggestions!

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  1. In terms of Gari vs. Yasuda - I like both. I think Yasuda edges Gari out in terms of variety and quality. However, I do like Gari's "special" sauces/preparations etc.

    1. i recently had a beautiful meal at picholine. it is, without a doubt, special occasion fine dining. i havent been to telepan, but have heard good things. my feeling still is that picholine might be the most refined option on the UWS, short of maybe jean georges or venturing into TWcenter spots.

      1. Leaving the UWS will give you more options, but with Picholine and Jean-Georges to choose from, there's really no need.

          1. Yasuda is amazing. Outside the fishmarket in tokyo, it's the best sushi I've had.