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Jun 18, 2008 10:24 AM

wine shop hillcrest or utc area?

I'm looking for a fun to browse wine shop, where they keep surprising you with a varied selection (low price finds for everyday and actual thoughtful selection for collecting). Also, i already know about wine steals, but i prefer an actual shop where you can get to know the employees, ask questions, etc., wine steals is not so pleasant for browsing-loud, crowded. i went to bevmo, but their selection is pretty boring.

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  1. If you go down Miramar a bit from UTC you will find San Diego Wine Company.

    It is pretty much exactly what you describe you are looking for:
    "low price finds for everyday and actual thoughtful selection for collecting"
    "an actual shop where you can get to know the employees, ask questions, etc."

    Good luck.

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    1. re: rotochicken

      I 2nd San Diego Wine Company.

      Winesellar & Brasserie might fit your bill too. They carry some nicer stuff that might be a bit harder to come by.

    2. The Wine Vault on India street above Saffron restaurant. Very friendly, savy about food pairings as they are a lovely bistro at night, interesting selection and I think quite reasonable prices.

      1. We've always found the folks at Vintage Wines on Miramar Rd to be the most knowlegable, friendly and helpful staff of any wine shop in town.

        Also love 3rd Corner (OB) - very knowlegable and helpful staff, great prices, excellent selection...not in one of the locales of OP, but just a few minutes outside of it.

        Also not in the preferred area but close, and definitely a worthy wine shop...downtown's Wine Bank. Bryan is great, selection incredible, some values to be found.

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        1. re: mimosa

          3d Corner is a very good option with very fair prices.
          Wine Bank has gone WAY down hill and WAY up on prices and Bryan is no longer there.
          In the Miramar area, SD Wine Co would get my vote over Vintage.

          1. re: ibstatguy

            Used to shop at SD Wine Co. when Paris was there. Frankly, the new folks scorched earth competition style just rubs me the wrong way, so they don't get my $$ anymore. Plus, their knowledge level does not compare to John, Bob and the others at Vintage. But everyone has a fav for their own reasons, no?

            Spot on about Wine Bank...some good people there, but the new owner has hiked the prices, and Bryan left a few months ago. Look for him to resurface in the next few months, has an exciting project in the works!

            1. re: rotie77

              i don't look for recs at SD Wine Co, just relative bargains on wines that I am already familiar with. Rich, formerly of Wine Bank, did have some good recs while he was there and now sells them some wine as a distributor.

        2. Havent been there for a while, but wine encounter is very relaxed,on University just on the strip mall next to 6th.

          1. I would suggest Wine Steals on University in Hillcrest.