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Jun 18, 2008 10:24 AM

Portuguese Cornbread?

Anyone have good tips on ingredients, or even better, a recipe on Portuguese cornbread?
I had it for the first time and it was amazing! A nice very dark non hard crust with light white wonderfulness inside.

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    1. Portuguese cornbread is called "broa". Google that word and you'll find many recipes. My favorite is in THE CORNBREAD GOSPELS by Crescent Dragonwagon which has every conceivable cornbread recipe. In the things that go with cornbread chapter she has a garlicky wonderful caldo verde, the traditional Portuguese soup stew served with broa. New favorite sunday night meal at our house. Hers is a little more heavy / substantial than the one it sounds like you're describing. You might try a slightly higher % of white flour to cornmeal if you want a lighter bread. Good luck Monica!