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Jun 18, 2008 10:08 AM

Beard Papa - coming downtown Vancouver

Straight out of Japan comes Beard Papa. I have been here before (Beard Papa) but it was when I stopped blogging (I miss those days cause I didn't have to carry my camera and my camera feels real uncomfortable in my tight jeans). This is a tasty dessert, the cream is really good and smooth and just slightly chilled. The problem is I can't eat more than half, but I don't know why. Its not too rich or too sweet, I just can't eat a full one.

They claim to be only 250 calories per cream puff which isn't that bad for a whip cream dessert. They have a calender at their stand that shows what days different flavors are available.

Beard Papa
Aberdeen Place
Richmond, BC

There is one coming downtown on Denman.

Pictures of the cream puff can be found on

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  1. Thanks for the links to pix -- must try one of these babies soon!

    fmed reported below ( that the downtown one opened on Denman this past Saturday.

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      Beard Papa's puffs are quite good, IMO. I have some pics here:

      1. re: fmed

        fmed, I almost missed the BP pix because I was mesmerized in sheer horror by the beef roll IN A FLOUR TORTILLA -- argh!!!

    2. We tried the Earl Grey flavor in NYC, extremely yummy.

      1. I ate two of 'em back to back yesterday. In Tokyo, I once at a half dozen over the course of a couple hours!

        Beard Papa in Japan seem to taste better than the US/Canada ones. Regardless, they're still delicious out here.

        1. That's exciting - even if I do live in Calgary! They are quite yummy and Beard Papa, is a great pit-stop for a traveler....getting a little snack to tide you over never hurt anyone...

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            a bit over-rated in my opinion. at least the cream is fresh, but the flavor of the regular wasn't anything spectacular.