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Jun 18, 2008 09:59 AM

Need lunch place near FL-80 in West Palm Beach

We're driving out from Lehigh Acres (west coast) taking the scenic route via Palm Beach Blvd (80) all the way across and wanted to ask about a lunch place close by to our destination. The closest I've found so far that's recommended is Howley's. The maps are confusing but I think 80 might be the same as Southern? We've always taken I-75 across in the past. Looking for something casual and not a chain.


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  1. There's no place worthy of a stop between Lehigh and West Palm. Stay motoring. Once you get to West Palm, the options open up. Is your destination West Palm? There used to be a great barbecue place in LaBelle. It was the Log Cabin on the north side of the road, but I believe it is closed.

    If you can hold out until you get to WPB, a place with atmosphere and a view of the Intracoastal is Bradley's on Flagler Drive. Reasonably priced, outdoor dining. Howley's is okay, like a diner. Don't know how soon you're going, but I can give you a tip on where you can get 50% off coupon for Howley's.

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      Thanks Booboo, i didn't think anyone was ever going to respond! I hadn't heard of Bradley's. We were planning on eating once we got to WPB so that's not a big deal. I think the hubby is set now on going to the Brass Ring. I heard they have the best hamburgers over there. I'll mention Bradley's though. What's good there?

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        Brass Ring in Lake Park is a dive....just expect that and you will be happy. You will probably have to wait if eating lunch between 11:30 and 2:00. It's the best burger in the area and I am kind of partial to dives anyway.

      2. re: Booboo731

        Hi Booboo,

        Just searching the boards and came across your post! Whenever I'm visiting WPB, I usually end up at Howley's one way or another...any chance you still have that coupon?!? :) Thanks!