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Jun 18, 2008 09:54 AM

Best Farmers Market CT?

Hi! I'm looking for a big farmers market. I've been shopping around local farms all over the place, and am looking for a farmers market that has more than just fruits veg and flowers. I'd love to find a place that has vendors with local meats, cheeses and milk/dairy. I live right outside of Middletown CT, and am willing to drive up to an hour. Any suggestions?? TIA!

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  1. While I would not call it big, The Farmer's Market on Chapel St, New Haven, across from Wooster Sq Park has local meats, and dairy. Saturdays 10-1:00 The woman selling shellfish makes great baked stuffed clams. The one in Edgewood Park opens on Sunday, last year no dairy, but one vendor selling meat

    1. I second City Seed on Wooster Sq., in New Haven. There is a dairy farm that has milk, butter, cheese, yogurt and a goat farm that has great chevre. There's a meat guy, a shellfish lady, bread, handmade soap, honey, maple syrup, prepared items, and of course a ton of fruit and veggie people.

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        Thanks for the info. Have either of you tried the one in Coventry? Just curious, but I'll def. check out the one on Wooster Sq. this weekend.

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          Great! I hope you enjoy! It is still early in the grow season, so the fruits and veggies will still be a little limited. I can't wait till it hits full swing, the tomatoes and fruits are out of control! While you are in the neighborhood you can stop by Fuel for coffee, Libby's for a canolli, or of course Pepe's for pizza!

          Coventry, that is practically Canada!

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            Coventry, that is practically Canada!

            LOL!!! That cracked me up! Its actually right down the street from where my fiance works, so it doesn't seem that far to me :)

            I noticed it was early in the season- most farmers markets don't even open for a few weeks nearby!

            You know, I think Pepe's is the tiebreaker- even if I like the Coventry one better, New Haven has better pizza for sure!

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            You didn't ask me, :( (and the answer would be NO), but, being near N H, I think I'd have to be looking for a Chowish place to eat around there, if I was to drive that far!

        2. I love the small, but excellent, Farmers' Market in Wooster Square too. And Fuel does make a nice latte.

          One of my favorite products at the market is Andrew's Honey. The early greens are also really tasty.

          1. this is a guide from the state department of agriculture

            I also got their map of farm stands, wineries, orchards etc last year and it was great, we planned several roadtrips around it. One day we visited the Cato Corner Farm (cheese) and Priam Vinyards, both in colchester.
            Here is the online version:

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              Yeah I actually live about 5 minutes from Colchester... I love Cato Corner Farm's cheese!! They're so good. I've never been to Priam, but supposedly they have a little farmers market there too so I'll have to check it out..

              I love to go to the actual farms, but with gas prices the way they are, its a little crazy to go to 5 different farms a week to get this and that... and I have no freezer really (I live in a teeny apartment) to stockpile what I do find... I'm trying to get away from the grocery store more and more with all the food borne illnesses. Plus I like to support my community so I'm thinking Farmers markets are a good way to go for what I can.

              Thanks for all the help!

            2. Simsbury has started a farmers market on Thursday afternoons from 3pm-7pm. I went to the first one last week. It was not very big, but there was a nice selection of fruits, veggies, pottery, plants (including some herbs), milk (cow and goat), cheese (goat) and organic meat (I think it was just beef). There was probably some other stuff that I missed, but you will just have to go check it out.

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                I tried the farmers market, and I have to agree that despite it still being early in the season the variety was great! We really had a lot of fun (even though the directions on City Seeds website brought us the completely WRONG way- just a heads up!)

                I'll have to try the Simsbury, Ellington and Coventry soon as I just found out we're moving closer to "Canada" (ahem EastRocker ;) ) Thanks!