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Jun 18, 2008 09:37 AM

Kitschy Restaurant Wanted

I need a place with a balance of kitschy decor and good food. I'm looking for something with a fun, different or weird setting that is suitable for a group of 8-10. So far I've thought of Khyber Pass, Kremlin (on Beaver Hall) and Bar-B-Barn, but none of them are quite right for this occasion. Help, please!

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  1. I understand the Tiki place out near the Big Owe is very kitschy, but I don't imagine the food is anything to write home about.

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    1. re: bomobob

      Dang! I had a chance to eat there the other day, but had to turn down the opportunity. I love kitschy Tiki places! I don't think you necessarily go to them for the food.

      1. re: moh

        The photos of that place, Jardin Tiki, look amazing. BUT judging by the two internet reviews I found, the food sounds pretty poor, even for an old and worn all-you-can-eat Chinese place.

        1. re: Daiya

          Oh dear, that's too bad... it is always surprising how one can mess up Chinese food...

    2. Le Piton de la Fournaise? Fairly decent Reunion Island food in a kitschy beach shack setting (though nothing I know of approaches the late Bazoo in the kitsch department).

      1. Kitchy, not sure, but definitely weird: Nantha's kitchen. The guy is nuts and the food is pretty good (but seems overpriced after seeing him shop at Segal's almost every time I go there). The place is small (actually it is an art gallery) and you might have to close the shop for your occasion, which might lead to more crazy-Nantha scenes. BYOB.

        I think Uyghur might have been interesting with its non stop Uyghur-Idol type broadcasting and really really old fashioned decor; but they no more. Are there any other Chinatown restaurants that broadcast bad TV; complemented with bad decor? I miss Uyghur...

        Never been, but Abiata is reportedly decorated with leopard print, animal sculptures and other faux-African theme.

        Another weird setting is O'noir. The food is meh, but you eat in pitch dark and it is an experience (and kind of an expensive one I think, I didn't pay). Not for the squeamish though.

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          1. re: lagatta

            68 Duluth Est. (514) 284-5696. Open for dinner only. It is also listed and Cash & Curry or Cash & Cari

            They serve Conflict of Duck Penang and other Nantha specialities. Pricier than expected (a seafood pad thai cost us 15 bucks), but we had a few very nice "somewhat special" dinners. Still Bangkok has much better pad-thai, and definitely for cheaper. Still one wonders how he makes that miso-tom yum.

        1. How about the Mediaeval place somewhere north of the Metropolitain? I forget the name and exact location (maybe St Denis). It's definitely fun for a group and I recall the food was much better than I expected - though this was about 7-8 years ago. Not sure if it's still going.


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          1. re: pyropaul99

            Do you mean L'Auberge du Dragon Rouge? It's on Lajeunesse.

            I personally prefer Le Cabaret Du Roy: much more seating and they take reservations. The mood is much more Nouvelle France than medieval.

            1. re: Zenthar

              Yes, that's the one! Speaking of Cabaret, are there any other "performance" restaurants in Montreal? I had fun at one in Winnipeg in April that was doing a sitcom performance and dinner.


              1. re: pyropaul99

                what happened to that "iron chef-esque" restaurant that was in the works awhile back?

                1. re: eoj

                  You mean Duel?


                  This might be an excellent choice. The concept is fun, and the food has been reported to be good (Note: I have not been). It isn't completely kitschy, and it is a little high end, but it might be amusing for the guest of honour!

            2. BTW, can we get more details on the occasion? Why were the three restos you suggested not right? - Might help us make more appropriate suggestions!

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              1. re: moh

                MORE INFO: I'm looking for something less qu├ętaine and more historically accurate but painfully out of date. Decorated with memorabilia of an era that is not hip is great; a Vatican City themed-restaurant would be perfect. The guest of honour has a distinct sense of humour that appreciates kitsch rather than simply retro. A fine line, but when I see it I will know. Thanks for all the ideas so far! I will look into them. Keep it coming!

                1. re: Daiya

                  Well, what a shame we are not in TO, the House of Chan would have fit your bill perfectly (Chinese restaurant specializing in steak, very kitschy retro feel -hee hee hee).

                  This will be tough. Will think hard tonight.

                  1. re: Daiya

                    Not Vatican City, but many of the bishop posters, church items and Gregorian chant in the restrooms at Chez Levesque bistro display "a distinct sense of humour."

                    1. re: Fritzy

                      Yes, Chez Levesque is amusing. But I find the food a little lacklustre there, good but not great, considering what you pay. A little heavy handed I would say.