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Jun 18, 2008 09:33 AM

NYC meat restaurant

my wife and i rarely get to go out to eat in a really nice restaurant, there are many factors to this (babysitter for our 2 year old, and we are a young couple that cant spend that kind of money on a meal)

we have been to prime grill 2 times, both times we enjoyed it a lot. we have also been to abigaels, and le marias.

i want to take her to the absolute best place that we can go. money is of no object for this celebration. i was thinking of maybe mikes bistro, solo, or la carne grill.

any suggestions?

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  1. le marais is consistently good. Solo is also good.

    1. I would say you have hit the best NYC has to offer but IMO solo would be the most unique dining experience out of that list - particularly since the winner of top chef season 3 will still be there through the end of the summer according to the web site -

      1. I have no gripes with Solo, it is very good, but also very expensive even when money is no object. That being said you should go to Mike's Bistro. It is consistently excellent and Mike is always there to make sure. Just the other night I was there with my family and ordered the mushroom soup, which is always just great. After I finished it, Mike came over and told me that it was not up to his standards that night and he comped it. (It was fine for me and I told him so.) The food is excellent and so is the service. The only drawback is the space which is not great, but just ok.

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          i think mike's bistro is what we're gonna do. i only hear good things. and as much as i love prime grill, and i know that i will have a fantastic time at prime grill, i am really anxious to go to mike's

        2. I've not been to Solo but some non-Jewish co-workers took some kosher Hasidic clients to Solo and raved about it. They've also taken them to Prime so that's a good recommendation..

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            I think you should try Le Carne Grill which is very good and I find quieter than PG. Delmonico steak is outstanding.

          2. Tevere 84 - still the best in the city.