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Jun 18, 2008 09:30 AM

Las Vegas: Tao vs. Lotus of Siam

I am debating between Tao and Lotus of Siam for dinner tonight. I know they are very different, but the only direction I was given by my boss was "Asian food".

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  1. I've only been to Tao once - in November of 2006, and was very unimpressed. The food was fairly average, at what i felt were extremely high prices. The food at LoS is much better, at infinitely superior value.

    The room at Tao is impressive, and obviously the location on the Strip is convenient, so if that matters, then only you can prioritize which is more important.

    1. want happening scene and ok food or no scene and tremendous food?

      1. LoS beats Tao, hands down, any day of the week. It's not the flashiest place in town by a mile but the food is spectacular. If food is the deal breaker then you must go to LoS. If the food is secondary and the atmosphere/vibe is what you're looking for then try Tao.

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          Exactly - I prefer LOS because the food is so fantastic, but my husband likes Tao because of the atmosphere/energy, menu, and whole package.

        2. for food: lotus of siam

          for club like atmosphere: tao

          1. Yes LOS has amazing food! Don't miss it.

            The food at Tao is not anything like the previous posters are making it out to be. It's actually pretty well-done and creative. I had a lobster potsticker there which was downright memorable. Also had a perfectly cooked piece of Chilean Sea Bass in a miso glaze. My biggest complaint about Tao was that it had a pretty decent wine list for such a "trendy" place, but they served it in cheap, thick-walled glasses. It was a wine lovers nightmare.