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Jun 18, 2008 09:24 AM

Austin Grill? Newly Opened in C'Ville

Anyone have a comment about Austin Grill? All I know is they're TexMex and a local chain restaurant. They've recently opened in Centreville in the location where Catbo used to be.

I disliked Catbo immensely .. but like TexMex ... I'm willing to give Austin Grill a try, but hate the thought of wasting good money on a bad meal.

Any input is welcome.


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  1. it's below average and not worth going to. the best tex mex i've found has been in the DC/MD area. Uncle Julios (Rio Grande) and Cactus Cantina are the best imo.

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      Agree with you, MarcDC, In this area the closest thing to reasonably okay Tex Mex is indeed Rio Grande and Cactus Cantina. There's another recent thread on Austin Grill here somewhere that sweetclover may want to find. The Bethesda AG used to be really good, years ago. The new Rockville AG has really good service but I'm not so thrilled with the food.

      1. re: Transplanted Texan

        Yea... I wish we had good Tex-Mex here. I'm jealous of my younger brother that goes to college in Dallas, TX. haha

    2. My sense is that you wont find too many kind words from DC?VA CH'ers about Austin Grill. BUT>>>>>> make up your own mind. It's not expensive, so you won't be too hurt if you hated it.
      Try it for brunch, which I happen to think is a good deal at AG, and a nice way to see if you like the feel and quality there.

      1. It's American version of Tex-Mex (use higher quality ingredients) as opposed to Mexican version of Tex-Mex (think combination platters made with ground beef). I haven't been to one recently but when I lived in G'town, I use to go to the Wisconsin branch every once in awhile. I think it's worth going to at least one time if you're in the neighborhood to see if you like it. As for Centreville Mexican, I go to Taqueria Michoacan at 7422 Old Centreville Road, Manassas, VA.

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          Thanks for the suggestion ... When I'm in Manassas on Saturday, I'll check it out.

        2. I have been to the AG in Baltimore and was pleasantly surprised at the meal we got. As previously mentioned, it is cheap so you're not taking a huge risk there... and the food was actually pretty good. It is what it is, so don't expect any authentic Mexican cuisine but for Americanized Tex-Mex, I have certainly had worse.

          1. I think Austin Grill is a terrific change up from Rio Grande and other local Mex places. I'm excited to have one in Centerville. It may not be authentic Austin tex-mex but the few times I've been I've always really enjoyed it.