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Jun 18, 2008 09:12 AM

Kid-friendly lunch spots near Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose?

The subject line says it all...this will be a weekday trip and I plan on using public transit (ACE & VTA). I know there's a cafe/snack place inside the museum, but it'd be nice to have some options. Close-by destinations right near light rail stations are definite pluses too.

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  1. Sorry, but my kid's now a teen, so I'm pretty much out of touch w/ the downtown kid scene, but she (and we) always loved Pizza Chicago:

    Pizza Chicago
    155 W. San Fernando (about 4 blocks from the museum

    1. Amici's Pizza on Santa Clara St, Sonoma Chicken Coop in San Pedro Square. About three or four long blocks from the Discovery Museum.

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        Mine like Johnny Rockets (burgers, fries and shakes) on 1st Street. Sonoma Chicken Coop has better food and more variety for adults.

      2. I second Amici's Pizza. I can't get enough of their pizza and lasagna. Its pretty much a kid friendly spot to check out. I always see families bring in their kids to the branch in San Mateo. The food is great too.


        1. Just to close out this thread, I ended up going to Poor House Bistro on Friday, June 20. Mercifully--especially given the stifling heat that day--it's a very short walk from the Diridon Caltrain/Amtrak/ACE station and an equally short walk to the San Fernando VTA light rail station. Ordered the Catfish Po-Boy (daily special) for myself and chicken tenders kid's meal (includes fries) for little keyroute; I couldn't believe how much food she got. Little keyroute ended up eating the catfish and I replaced her chicken tenders in my po-boy. Total including a soda for me came to $17--this was a good option if anyone has to repeat my itinerary!

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            Thanks for reporting back.

            Poor House Bistro
            91 S Autumn St, San Jose, CA 95110

          2. I, too, was going to suggest Pizz'a Chicago (their Blackhawk pizza) and Amici's.