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Jun 18, 2008 09:05 AM

Showcase cinemas Randolph 'LUX' level?

Short version: how is the food in the LUX level?

The best (best seats, picture and sound) movie theater near us is the Showcase cinemas in Randolph. They have a surprisingly large food selection in their various food courts but nothing I would normally eat and certainly nothing chow worthy. However, they are pushing their new 'LUX' level which is several theaters with extra plush seating, over 21 only and food/drinks (including alcohol) by wait staff during the movie.

Has anyone tried this? We took a look at the menu last time and the food looks to be standard pub fare and reasonable prices (~$10 an entree). We figured it would be $25ish per person without drinks to eat and watch a movie given how their package pricing appeared to work. I think the tickets were $22 or so and included $5 in food. Since we would otherwise often go out to dinner first, this might be a convenient option but only if the food is decent. So, this is a long way of asking, how is the food in the LUX level?


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  1. I did this a few weeks ago to see Indiana Jones. It was fun. I wouldn't do it for ANY movie, but if it's one you really want to see and doesn't require your full attention. The food is decent and I got full quickly. The best part is that you can order wine, beer, martinis, etc. We ordered a pizza and a steak sandwich with fries to share. The pizza was decent with a variety of cheeses on it. The steak sandwich was just eh, kind of dry. Okay fries. I definitely wasn't dissatisfied. I don't know if they're still doing this, but they give you a $5 voucher for food which you give to the server when you pay your bill. The "tables" are small (kind of like those half desks you have in college lectures) which makes sharing slightly challenging.