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Jun 18, 2008 08:43 AM

Huntington Farmers Market

Has anyone been going? Started two weeks ago. The new cheese guy is a welcome addition; the feta is excellent.

Glad to see that the Orchards at Conklin are back and are now selling farm fresh eggs, $2/dozen.

Wish the seafood guy from the Lynbrook Farmers Market would be added to Huntington. Otherwise, things have been busy so far. Been getting their by 9:00am and the place is hopping.

Has anyone else frequented the Huntington Farmers Market?

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  1. I went about three weeks ago and I am ashamed to say I haven't made it back. I swear the head of lettuce I got there was good for two weeks or something. Also great radishes. I bought the farm fresh eggs too. Do you have any other recommendations?

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      Glad you asked. I always pick up some cider from the Orchards at Conklin and 5 of those honey sticks that they sell (5 for $1). I get the cinnamon ones which are redder in appearance than the plain honey. They're a great little alternative to candy. This week their blueberries and cherries were amazingly fresh and delicious.

      The farm fresh eggs have been great for three weeks now. Also, the produce at the organic booth is amazingly fresh.

      Stop by the cheese guy and pick up some of his feta. Also, if you give him a wink and a nod, he may offer up some of his raw milk cheese varieties.

      Whenever I run out, I restock with Miss Amy's Preserves. Can't get anything bad here; jams, jellies, tapenades, spreads are all great.

      Occasionally, we pick up some ravioli from the pasta guy or some fresh mozz.

      Definitely support the farmers market, so that the vendors will keep coming and maybe even attract some new ones.

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        Here are some photos of the fresh blueberries and produce at this past weeks farmers market:

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          And the bread guy is now back at the Huntington Farmers Market:

          The White Nectarines at the Orchards of Concklin were amazing this week. Best nectarine I've had in two seasons. The sour cherries are also great.

    2. we just got one in Long Beach -- so excited -- checking out tonight with a group of my train friends. We wish is was open longer because we come in from the city. I heard its kind of small but we know we need to support for it to get bigger and better.

      1. I've been there, too. Great fruit and beautiful vegetables.

          1. What day of the week and times?? I'll be there with bells on (and infant son in tow!)!!

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