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Jun 18, 2008 08:35 AM

Sushi Man to Go...what happened?

We went to our favorite sushi spot in Newton last night. It's never been Oishii, but less expensive, no wait and pretty good usually. We sat at the sushi bar...complimentary edamame came immediately, thank you very much. Seaweed salad was wonderful, and we ordered a variety of nigiri and maki. They were horrible. Sushi pieces were too large and my white tuna was tough and sinewy. All the rice was loose and falling apart. The maki were almost impossible to eat...made inside out and with not enough or sticky enough rice so they just fell completely apart the second you tried to pick them up. The entire thing showed an incredible lack of care. I used to really like this place, but I was so turned off I can't say I'd be willing to risk returning.

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  1. Really? That's too bad! I work nearby and it is a solid go-to place for cheapie sushi. The last time I was there was a month ago, and the yellowtail was buttery and delicious. Hopefully they just had an off day...

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      Is this the place on Rte 9 down the road from Oiishi near Atrium Mall? If this is it the place it is ALWAYS 100% empty! Maybe that's why it's not fresh.

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          Yes, that is the place. However, I did not say that it wasn't was just shoddily assembled and made without love. It is the same chef as always, so maybe he is burnt out...I don't know. They only have 2 tables and the small sushi bar (~6 seats). There are usually a few people in there, and they do a pretty steady take-out business.