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Jun 18, 2008 08:24 AM

Las Vegas over 4th of July

We're arriving in Vegas on the 3rd at 10 pm and leaving on Sunday morning. So far, I only have reservations at Craftsteak for Saturday night. Looking for late night recommendations, lunch spots, buffet, and anything we just can't miss. We're getting married in October (Wedding at the Wynn and reception at Bartolotta) so this is kind of a food surfing trip for us. We want to be able to make dining recommendations to family and friends coming to the wedding. Fiance loves sushi so definitely need a great sushi spot (omikase?). How's Grimaldi's Pizza in Vegas?

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  1. Sushi - Okada at the Wynn - Best quality and freshest fish ever. Off the strip, Sapporos has a great atmosphere and crowd or Osaka, which is also highly recommended on Sahara.

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      Sushi at Okada is great! Best ever? Well. I was very disappointed with the omikase at Okada. Not at all creative. Just a bunch of items plucked from the regular menu. Good but not special.

      Bar Charlie was everything I was hoping the Okada omikase would be. In fact, I think that in time it will be spoken in the same sentences as some of the top places in Vegas. Quite a bit spendier than Okada though.

      I recommend Mesa Grill quite often. It's hard to go wrong with the Bobby Flay southwest themed food. It's hip, comfortable but not overly spendy. Surprisingly good wine list as well.

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        I concur on Mesa Grill. The food is better than you think it will be, for both lunch and dinner. I'm never disappointed there, which says a lot.

    2. If you're not coming in from NYC or New Haven CT, then the pizza at Grimaldi's can be worth a try - it is uneven at best though.

      Make a late night visit to Burger Bar in the bridge between Mandalay Bay and Luxor and see what you think. There are those who love it and those who don't. If you go, get the sweet potato fries and unless you love throwing your money away, skip the most expensive burger options.

      Check this board for other posts about Lotus of Siam, but do go if you get the chance and you like Thai food. It really lives up to the hype. If you go for lunch, skip the buffet and order a la carte.

      Go to Bouchon for breakfast if you are up early and sit outside by the fountain if it is not already over 100 degrees out.

      For over the top, money is no object, best, Guy Savoy is still the best in town, but be prepared to spend in the $1k per couple range.

      1. Would also highly recommend B&B Restaurant at the Venetian. Ate there last year and had one of the best meals of my life. If you visit previous Las Vegas strings, many who have visited Babbo (which I have not), say that this compares favorably. Mario also just opened up Carnevino in the Palazzo (next to Venetian). For a hoot, go to Mario's website and check out the photo that they use to promote the restaurant - should be used in the Las Vegas promotions, similar to the couple on top of the cake! ( Your reception at Bartolotta will be amazing!! Have heard you can get bar menu at Guy Savoy for a fraction of the price (check previous Las Vegas strings). Will be going out again later in July, so would love to have your feedback if you've got time!

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          Thanks for the recs. I'll definitely give everyone feedback when we return. I had Mesa Grill on my list of possiblities. I was there several years ago and only had appetizers but was impressed. Love Bobby Flay. I'll check out the menus at the the above sushi spots. Thanks again and keep them coming!