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Jun 18, 2008 08:10 AM

Woodstock, VT suggestions?

We will be spending a weekend at the Woodstock Inn in mid-July. For this trip we prefer dinner venues that cater primarily to adults. Mr. Takeout prefers not to wear a jacket if possible and we'd both appreciate locations within a 10-15 minute drive. Other than that, we are open to and enjoy all types of cuisine. Your recommendations are welcomed and appreciated.

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  1. Simon Pearce in Quechee never fails to impress me, and is always at the top of my list when I'm in that area. Great, innovative, thoughtful fresh food, and a superb wine list, excellent and professional service, in a lovely setting. Get a table overlooking the river and the falls if you can.

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      Do a search on the boards it seems to be the general concencus that Simon Pearce is best for lunch. Pane Y Salute in Woodstock is very good so and I have heard some good things about Mangowood if you want something more asian inspired. But as I've said before the hands down favorite is The Parker House in Quechee- just an unbelievable experience... food is consistantly out of this world and fresh and an amazing creative vibe and decor and the view is actually better than Simon Pearce for the view of the river and sunset over the valley.

    2. We always eat at Prince and the Pauper in downtown Woodstock.
      The food is great,a bit expensive ,and that keeps the kiddies out.
      We too prefer not to have screaming kids while we dine and high prices and no kiddie menus usually do the trick.
      Also eating a bit later in the evening cuts down on the kiddies.
      Bentley's in downtown Woodstock is a pub atmosphere and eating there later usually keeps the kids down and the food is better-than-average pub food.
      There is susually entertainment late at night also on weekends
      Check out their website for details or call them as their entertainment menu varies.
      The Barnard Inn,about 15 minutes out of town in Barnard is another good chice for fine dining we've found.
      Again,excellent food and a late dinner usually insures no children around.
      The Simon Pearce reccs on the board are on target also.
      The food is outstanding but again,get there late fora no-kiddie meal.
      Signofthetimes's post hits the nail right on the head!
      I haven't tried the Parket House in Quechee but I too have heard good things about the place.
      Good Eating

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        Catnip wrote:

        <<We too prefer not to have screaming kids while we dine>>


        And I thought my wife and I were the only ones who abhorred children when we dined out.

        I've never eaten at the Parker House, but given the recommendation in this thread, I'm absolutely going to try it next time. Thanks!

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          No, it's just that those of us who aren't fond of children keep our heads down for fear of having them cut off by people who think children should be allowed anywhere and everywhere. :)