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Jun 18, 2008 07:33 AM

MSP: La Belle Vie - Lounge Tasting Menu; Vincent lunch

I looked at the tasting menu for the lounge at La Belle Vie for $40 (plus $25 for wine parings), and it looks great. Has anyone tried it? Also, the 2-course prix fixe lunch at Vincent for $12.50 caught me eye. Any reports on this? (Can you tell we're trying to get the "good stuff" while sticking to a budget?)

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  1. I've had both. I need to qualify that a little bit. I had the tasting menu at La Belle Vie and ate in the lounge. At that time, there was not a separate lounge tasting menu, but the two dining room options were both offered in the lounge as well. The food was good (although a scallop amuse followed by a scallop first course seemed a little odd). The wine service was also good (Bill Summerville is a good wine steward). We sate on lounge-type furniture (two on a couch, two of us on chairs, eating on a cocktail table). Maybe the furniture has changed a little, but you might find that to be the most "unusual" part about it. But the dining room at La Belle Vie is the best room in the Twin Cities, and shouldn't be missed.

    I've had the two course prix fixe at Vincent as well. It's a good deal. I'd recommend the crepe of the day. Vincent also does a good job with soups, even though you might not be craving soup in summer.

    For the same general price around lunch, however, I would also suggest you have lunch at Masa one block away from Vincent.