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Jun 18, 2008 06:43 AM

Any thoughts on 606 Congress?

Wesley Morris gave it a pretty positive review in the Globe. Michael Schlow is involved it seems. I haven't been, some friends have and weren't impressed, but I'm surprised to have not seen much mention here.
Any thoughts?

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  1. I've been once and enjoyed it. It's another upscale, "small plates" restaurant, though their portions were a little bigger than others I've been to so that we didn't walk out with an enormous bill as often happens at those kinds of places.

    It's inside the Marriott and feels like an extension of the hotel lobby: the space is very tall and open.

    I tried the tortellini and the black bass; both were solid but not memorable. We had a couple of their cheeses for dessert and those were very good; one was a Woodcock Farms with a pear sauce that was great. I would definitely get that if you go.

    Service was good and there was no wait, even though it was 8pm on a Friday.

    1. I live across the street from 606 and have been at least a dozen times since it opened. Overall, it is a great restaurant. However, it is almost always completely dead, which I attribute to its location (parking in the neighborhood is expensive due to limited meters, and people are afraid of the Silver Line). It is absolutely worth the trip, though.

      The menu just changed last week. The seafood dishes are always excellent, the calamari is a favorite because it is always fresh, tender and flash fried (so not too heavy or greasy). There seems to be a rotating selection of cheeses for the final course (there are also traditional desserts), all of which are very good. The only disappointing dish I have ever had is a new item, the duck, which was overdone despite a medium-rare request.

      The prices are reasonable and the service has been top-notch (but as I said, since it is so dead there can be 2 servers per every table). Sometimes it gets so slow it seems the servers are just happy to interact with somebody new, so they try extra hard.

      The space is very appealing and it features an open kitchen.

      The wine list is adequate and fairly priced, but they are often out of certain bottles which can be frustrating. I think they recently revamped the wine list significantly.

      1. I had lunch there. The lunch menu is not the 1-6 "small plates" -- it's mostly salads and sandwiches. Apps included fried oysters, shrimp and miso soup, and Caesar salad. Mains included a crab cake "BLT," duck confit salad with a soft-cooked egg and frisee and hazelnuts, and burger. The meal started with a delicious warm baguette with salty butter. I had the steak frites -- a small pile of uniformly brown slices of meat, but the sides were good. A baby arugula salad, just slightly bitter, lightly dressed with a lemony vinaigrette, and crispy fries with addictive truffle aioli (even though I'm not a fan of mayonnaise). For $20, I was disappointed by the overcooked steak but enjoyed the rest of the plate. Dessert options included creme fraiche panna cotta with strawberries, a chocolate-hazelnut parfait, and a root beer float. I got roasted pineapple with ginger ice cream -- very yummy, although I have a minor quibble. These were served before any of the other desserts, so the ice cream was half-melted by the time everybody was ready to eat, and they were served with a fork and no spoon. Most items on the lunch menu are $11-15, and the desserts are $9.

        1. 606 is out of the way to attract a lot diners. I was with some friends and we enjoyed the current exhibit at the ICA and went there for lunch. We arrived after two and was told that only the bar menu was available. That seemed strange because when it first opened, I took a tour and was offered lunch at 2:30. Someone sensed our dismay and offered us a table with the full lunch menu available. and we all had a great time. Of course, being the only ones there, the service was flawless. My two friends shared the roasted pineapple dessert which they loved. Overall, out experience was wonderful and moderately priced,with one bottle of wine included.