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Jun 18, 2008 06:40 AM

Has anyone tried Ali Baba in Lakewood yet?

We tried the luncheon buffet yesterday. It was awesome! The freshest and greatest variety at an unbeatable price!

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  1. Haven't tried the lunch buffet. But, we went for dinner and the food is just as good as always. Quite a lot of kids as waitstaff. In fact, when I asked for a beer at the bar, the kid behind the bar told me he couldn't serve beer and went back to talking to his friend. So, I asked if he could go find someone who could serve beer. What was he doing behind the bar anyway, if he's too young to serve? In short, the food was awesome and plentiful. I ate it for lunch the next day and still threw some away.

    1. We ate dinner there on the second Wednesday that it was open and it was terrific. I'd eaten at the Plano and Irving locations and the food was not always as consistently good as at the Greenville location, but so far Lakewood is in good shape. We noticed two or three of the longtime family members working that night, so I guess they are keeping all of the new hires on their toes.