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Jun 18, 2008 06:28 AM

Whats New at Eastern Standard?

last time I was there I had this INCREDIBLE pork special. The waitress said it was a 4 day process of breaking down and cooking the baby pig.

So anyone been recently? Whats good/new on the menu for summer?

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  1. We were there Saturday. The pork CHOP was large and favorful. Other than that, the flank steak, nicose salad and chicken were a bit disappointing. The real highlights were the fries, cod cheek appetizer and oysters and the incredible new drink menu. I have a new favorite - Scoflaw.


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      I was happy to see they updated their on-line menu, although the cocktail menu is still the old one, I think. On the new drink menu, do they tell you what's in the drinks, or do they still have the cute but useless arcane descriptions?

    2. the hangar steak frites i had recently was amazing. steak was cooked so well. also had the best oysters that i've ever had in boston. perfectly briney.

      1. i was just there last night with a couple of friends and once again had a great experience. we all shared some amazing oysters and our mains were the cavatelli with broccoli rabe and chicken confit, the hanger steak frites and the seared striped bass with fennel, eggplant and olives. everyone really enjoyed their meals - the standout probably being the steak frites. the striped bass was also great, though and had a really nice crisp skin on it. we shared two bottles of wine, which were both excellent and recommended to us by the sommelier. i love this place!

        1. I was also there last night (perhaps sitting right next to you vballgal?). Had a great sazerac and then after dinner wanted a dessert drink. I had the chocolate frappe off the confections part of the drink menu. It was like a chocolate mint egg creme. Yum. My friend wanted a piece of cake but wanted to share. I felt a little silly with this big "chocolate milk" and cake in front of me. LIke a kid at a birthday party. The black forest cake wasn't for me.

          I need to branch out with my dinner orders. I just got the burger. Delicious but something was different about it. Definitely less fries than they used to give. Because of the OP's mention of the pork special I did ask if there were any off menu specials but alas there were not.

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            Globe is featuring the bartender, Jackson Cannon, on the front page of the Lifestyle section today - echoing my strong feelings of how this seemingly large, impersonal pseudo bistro is really a fantastic, authentic bistro that pays appropriate homage to all that can be done right in casual dining and libations.

            I love this place, the staff, and how everyone is committed to making the diner feel at home.

            1. re: bonjourbruxelles

              I love how when I order a drink I also get an informative little story told with enthusiasm from the bartender.

              1. re: heypielady

                Yes hpl! Exactly.....enthusiasm + knowledge + old world tradition + alcohol= one of all-time fave restaurants in Boston (and we're food snobs).

          2. I was there last night and had an El Presidente, a rum drink from Havana, something pink and delicious and well-suited to the hot weather. It's on the Prohibition menu. Last week I drank an Alpine, which was wildly refreshing and based on gin. I don't even LIKE gin, and I scarfed that. Re the Prohibition menu, I keep meaning to try every cocktail on their menu, a little at a time, and then the bring out this whole NEW Prohibition menu loaded with promising drinks. You can't drink and not eat, so I have to say that the potato chips are now paired with an even more delicious onion dip which is, at heart, whipped cream and onions (I think).